Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Sunday.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather this morning and headed down to Manly (along with everyone else!) to take a look at the Australian Open of Surfing. 

As we have a couple of keen surfers in the family, they were in heaven! The festival lasts all week so it will be fun to pop down and check out the surfing and skate boarding after school with Finn.

Finn's career dream at the moment (age 9) is to be a professional surfer. Love that confidence!

Peek into the future perhaps? ;)

Finn also met some up and coming young surfers.

After lunch we headed to aquatic centre so Finn could practice his laps in preparation for his school Swimming Carnival.

Jasper decided today was the day to jump off the diving board.

No fear, that one. He loved it!

How was your Sunday? Hope you had a fantastic one.

Simone xx

all images my own


  1. Looks like a wonderful day out! I know two little ladies here who would be thrilled with all that surfing going on!

    Love the giant cheque and his high aspirations. Dream big I say!


  2. Looks like a great day was had by all, quiet one here took my Aunty grocery shopping and made brownies with Little Bit :)

  3. Sounds like the perfect Sunday. And that pic of Jasper is too cute! Very brave.

  4. Nothing wrong with dreaming have now documented the very moment for future reference!x

  5. Your boys are SO adorable Simone, love the photos :o) Looks like a beauty of a day down at Manly. I have a budding wannabe pro surfer also, not a bad dream to have I'm thinking ;o) xo

  6. How wonderful to have some summer weather at last!

  7. They are the CUTEST pics!!
    Looks like a brilliant weekend.
    :-) x

  8. We almost went to manly for a swim and a troll on Sunday. Glad we skipped it as I can see it was mostly for the diehards!

    Look at your brave little fellow! Go Jasper!



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