Thursday, February 23, 2012

My day today :)

Today was one of those days I used to dream about when I thought about being a mum.It was Finn's school Swimming Carnival today. I love going to all the school carnivals and watching him participate. I was so proud of him today.

Finn went in every event, even the events he wasn't too sure about. eg The Open boys 100m freestyle and the Medley (he had never swum those distances before).  All up he went in the Open 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 50m breaststroke, 50m backstroke, Medley and he made it into the Junior boys relay race. Someone is going to sleep well tonight :)

Finn got a 1st, 2nd, 3rd a few times and a 4th place, I was just so happy he went in every race and gave it a go. I couldn't of been prouder of him and I know he was proud of himself too. All the kids were fantastic and cheered along all the competitors and the ones struggling in the water a bit. It brought a hormonal tear to my eye!

The school swept through the races pretty quickly and the whole carnival only went from 10am - 1pm. So Finn had an early mark and we had a little lunch. I am loving the Warm Chicken salad from a local cafe at the moment.

Do you go to all the school carnivals? Are you a vocal supporter or more of a quiet spectator?

Simone xx

images my own from my iphone


  1. Ahh that's lovely. I bet you were one proud Mumma! Salad looks delish. Glad you had a great day. x

  2. I can totally understand that pride Simone... and the tears that come with it. They just burst your heart sometimes and it sounds like Finn is quite the athlete. I so look forward to the carnivals etc... one day.
    Lovely pics too xo

  3. I loved when my parents came to watch our sporting he was just as proud having you there as you were being there!
    Well done to you Finn x

  4. Yay Finn, well swum amd won!! I use to go to all the kids events now...but with the twins being 15 its not so cool for me to be there, Little Bit (9) still loves me to go, Im a vocal basketball it :)


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