Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day. I woke up this morning to some beautiful cards from the boys, my favourite Valentines. 

We're pretty low key around here with celebrating Valentines Day but I am kind of expecting some flowers today. (hint hint Simon!)
Pink roses are my favourite.

I will have cards and chocolates for the boys when I pick them up from school and more chocolate for Simon too. You can't go wrong with chocolate as a gift around here :)

I don't think we have ever went out for a Valentines Dinner but if  we had I would love to start the night with pink drinks and wear a pink dress. Why not?

Are you celebrating Valentines Day?

Simone xx

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  1. My husband is working away but he did send a sweet email pic to enjy. Enjoy your loves! Fiona

  2. Happy V day to you too. We don't celebrate it arou d here at all. Goodness me that dress is so pretty! X

  3. I'm with you Simone, we're low-key too but I do like to do a little something. I had a surprise rose in the car waiting for me when I went to yoga last night and we'll have a nice meal at home tonight. It's a good chance to not focus on the kids for once! Hope you have a lovely day x

  4. Is it just me or is that cupcake burnt?
    I'm shocked at myself for not even considering finding something pink to wear today (I don't think I even own anything in pink.) Oh dear, I'm off to rethink my entire outfit…

  5. I'm so glad hubby read your post and got you those flowers.

    We are pretty low key around here to. I had a special lunch with my little man & Hubby made a nice dinner and bought me a cute love heart for the fireplace.

    I think it's sweet to include the kid lets in celebrations.


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