Friday, February 17, 2012

The Organised/Shopping Phase.

So, this far into my pregnancy I am currently in the organising/shopping phase. I think that comes right before nesting :)

First jobs were the baby's room and sorting out Finn and Jasper's rooms. Even though I am a ruthless culler of junk/toys, their rooms are constantly filling up. How does this happen?!

The baby's Expedit, plenty of room left to fill!

Jasper's Expedit below.

To get everyone organised it means storage, storage, storage! 
This meant a trip to Ikea and the Expedit bookcases were on my list. They are not original or exciting but for us they work perfectly to showcase toys and books in the neatest way possible.
Baskets were a must too.

Also I was over the green I had in the living areas. So I shopped my own cupboards and bought out my floral cushions with some blue to mix up the vibe a bit. Flowers courtesy of Valentines Day :)

Did you notice my white lounges in the main living area?

 I ended up having to return our brown lounges after 5 years as the leather was starting to peel away! Turns out they were a faulty product and the store I bought them from gave me new lounges (after much chasing and harrassing I might add!)I'm really happy with them. The white makes the space so much lighter.

I also couldn't resist buying up some teensy baby clothes.
There seems to be a theme happening :)

So as most of the things I have been buying lately has been for the baby I will show you the nursery next week :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend 

Simone xx


  1. It all looks lovely Simone, you are very organised. ;-)

  2. Your living room is to die for,
    & I know what it feels like to have so much junk & even after you chuck half, still manage to create more.

  3. It all looks so lovely Simone. You certainly have a talent for styling m'love xxx

  4. I love the white lounges. You're right they do lighten the room. I think the Expedit shelves from Ikea are fantastic - they look great in children's bedrooms. Can't wait to see the nursery! Ange

  5. There is always a good use for a Expedit and always a good excuse to visit Ikea! I love your living spaces, Simone! Tash

  6. Gorgeous living areas!

    Love your blog. So glad I found it. Now a follower :)

    Luc X

  7. Your home looks so lovely. :) And aren't those shelves just the best! They are definitely on my to-buy list. Perfect for the little people's bedrooms.
    And I love the little man's new clothes. Navy and stripes are my favourite too. :) xx

  8. The Expedit is probably the best invention for storage ever! We love ours. Sounds like you're loving this baby phase. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Simone- ooohhh- I so love that stage you are *obviously* at- with all your organising & sorting...

    When we had our third I was totally the felt fab to be on track- & something like *fresh, white* couches is just the icing on the cake!

    Super cute baby stripes!!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So...

    PS- we LOVE those Ikea shelving units in our kiddos room too- simple!! We even bought a stack when we moved to the Uk- just home we have a few returning on the boat with all my vintage finds! Looking forward to getting organised here too!

  10. Your place looks so lovely and organised Simone, one of the perks of the end of your pregnancy :) LOVE the new lounges, the white looks so fresh and lovely. Hope you've been feeling well x

  11. wow you are so organised, I still have so much to do before baby arrives I can't wait to see the nursery

  12. OMG How was I not following you before now. Smack me someone please. Have been stalking you on Instagram, but have finally come to the right place :) xx

  13. We so share the same taste - I love your home! xx

  14. Always love sharing a little peek of your home Simone, it's dreamy. And the children's shelving is spectacular. All lovely xoxo


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