Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm finally getting my eyebrows done today. Yippee!

I don't know why but it has been really hard to get an appointment lately and I have been walking around with unkempt eyebrows. Gasp!

Eyebrows are my thing and not having them done makes me feel messy and as they are darker than my blonde hair I feel that they stand out more.

What is your thing? Which grooming habit makes you feel fabulous?

Simone xx

image via glitter geek


  1. I am totally with you - CANNOT stand unkempt eyebrows. That was always the number one thing I couldn't stand about John Howard (amongst others of course!). Hope the appointment goes well!

    Sal x

  2. Definitely my hair.
    Especially as I have virtually no eyebrows to speak of!
    Enjoy your new 'do'!

  3. Oh I'm in desperate need of getting mine done, it looks as though I'm channeling Agro! However it's hard to find someone out here who'll do them. Thank goodness for my fringe :)

  4. I so need to get my eyebrows done. They are pretty bad ha!!

    Luc X


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