Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Photo Challenge done!

So I completed my 2nd month of Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.I am still enjoying it and Instagram has become a little bit addictive! 

I am going to do the March challenge as well to keep me occupied so I am not constantly counting down the days until bub's is due.

Are you doing the challenge? 

Let me know if you are on Instagram and I will follow you :)
 I'm on there as honeyandfizz if you want to follow me. 
I think I am going to share my pics on my facebook page as well.

Simone xx


  1. hi simone, gosh, your bump is getting bigger isnt it? love all of your pics, i still havent gotten into the whole instagram thing... wish i had time, but dont seem to have much right now at all! have a wonderful day,
    laura xx

  2. Sure am! Thanks for introducing me to it. I love it! ♥

  3. Lovely photos. I'm up for round three too I think. Although still have to finish off today!

  4. A pretty fabulous addiction to have.
    :-) x

  5. I am definitely coming back for the march challenge - I missed February. Your latest pregnancy photo looks great by the way!! You must be feeling the heat! Best wishes x Ainslie

  6. I failed, I took the photos but just forgot to update my instagram, so totally going to try again.

    Love how all the photos look in the end.

  7. I love your blog Simone!!!
    I am doing the March photo challenge, it's my first. I am mellie1982n if you want to follow me :)
    Good luck with bub number 3


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