Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer Anthems.

This is the song that Finn has been singing all Summer long :) 

I have to hide my smile when I hear him singing "I've got passion in my pants!"

Jasper prefers this version :)

Both are quite catchy don't you think?!

What has been your Summer anthem?

Simone xx


  1. Elmo rocks...much better than LMFAO and alittle more age appropriate, the 9yr old has been singing it here too!
    My anthem for summer has been Guy Sebastians 'Dont happy"

  2. Haha, this is beautiful Simone! We love that song around here also, the film clip just makes me laugh every time.
    I do love my tunes, lots of them, but one that has been a bit of a Summer anthem for me is Cold Play's Paradise. It's rare for me to find a Cold Play song I don't like though!

  3. LOve it! Ill show this to my girls in the morning..this song has been my husbands favourite..of course we all laugh at him;)


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