Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lazy days.

This is how I have been spending the last few days.
 The sun, the sand and a drink in my hand.
My drink of choice at the moment is icy cold water with a splash of apple and raspberry cordial. Yum!

These lazy days are the perfect way to spend the last few days of Simon's holidays. I love having the four of us home together.

I had to share this pic of Jasper applying sunscreen to the baby before we went for a swim. It's a little blurry and was captured on my phone but it was so cute and one of those moments that just melts you!

27 wks

This is the first Summer in a while that I have worn a bikini without the worry if my stomach was sticking out too much!

How are you spending these lazy days, or are you back at work already? Are you wearing a bikini this Summer? How do you like your cordial? Weak or strong?
All the important questions!

Simone xx

first image via pinterest 2nd image my own.


  1. ah cute oh! Does your baby move around heaps when you uncover the belly in the sun? Looking lovely.x

  2. Thats a gorgi pic, go the bikini!! Had my first swim in the sea today....YaY xx

  3. That pic is adorable! How your boys will love that one in years to come, so sweet.
    Ooo I used to love cordial when I was pregnant too, a 'kind of' guilt free beverage :o)
    Looking good Simone xo

  4. i love that photo, gorgeous Simone! enjoy the nice quiet days. xx

  5. Glad you're enjoying such lovely weather. The weather here in the UK was awful today. Rain and wind and more rain and more wind :-(

  6. Perfect days!!!!!
    Love that pic....omg....precious!

  7. Oh Hon..that is so cute...and Jacq does the same for me..but instead of sunscreen he rubs Palmers Olive Butter every night on my belly to keep the skin nice and soft and hopefully strech mark free...I swear by it ..its awesome stuff.
    No Bikini for me...at 33 weeks..I feel the baby bulge is waaay too huge now to expose....and I just couldnt handle the "OMG she is huge" stares I was getting from people...so I bought a one piece from seafolly the other day.
    My choice of beverages have been qutie boring..its basically just water and freshly squeezed orange juice..although I stumbled across a non alcoholic beer...Coopers brand...at Coles would you believe it...lol its 0.5% and tastes awesome chilled on a hot summers day ; )


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