Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here is what I have been up to lately.

We made a start on the baby's room.
 Simon repainted the room white and we put up the cot and shelves. This meant a trip to Ikea for the Expedit shelves and Branas baskets. Just waiting on the chest of drawers we have ordered and then I can move onto the fun part of decorating!

After pulling down the Christmas decorations I felt that the house was looking a little "flat" so I decided to pop up some bunting, just because :)

We have been spending a lot of time at the beach but when we need a change of scenery we head home to play in the inflatable pool that we bought for Christmas Day for the the littlies to play in. Jasper loves it! He is spoilt for choice in pools!

Also with everyone at home, there is a constant stream to the kitchen. I have been baking a little to feed the hungry hordes. (Simon is the worst!) These Donna Hay brownies were a hit!

image via littlebettybaker.com

Simon is back to work today so we are slowly getting back to reality. Jasper is back to kindy next week and Finn back to school the week after so we will have a staggered finish to the holidays.

Some things I have noticed is that with everyone home the house is a constant mess with every room in the house being used and toys left out. For me this is so frustrating but I have managed to remain fairly relaxed about it and just do a clean up at the end of the day. I also realised that I miss having time to myself! I don't think I have been alone since the 10th December :)

So how about you? Is your household back to reality yet or are you stretching out the holidays?

Simone xx

all images except the brownie one my own


  1. I'm sure the nursery will be gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it decorated. I'm familiar with the clutter of children being home full time, that's been the last few years for me. No matter how many baskets and shelves, the toys and pencils and bits of paper still end up everywhere, every day! Have a lovely week..Rachaelxx

  2. Yay! A sneak peak into your nursery :)
    Can't wait to see it finished.

    Always love a bit of bunting too.


  3. Loving how your nursery's coming together (am also loving the pool beside the pool - bless x)

  4. My, Simone, you are organised! How wonderful to have that blank canvas. Wishing we had IKEA down the road as the boys' room is craving some Expedit ☺. J x

  5. The nursery is looking good, now the fun part decorating it. I am looking forward to the return of normality and a little time to myself also. ;-)

  6. hi simone, gosh, you are a busy lady!!! its good that you can enjoy your time before baby arrives though!! We are not quite over christmas here yet; maybe i will take the tree down today - if i get time!!!! heres hoping!
    laura xx

  7. Picking up toys is hard at the best of times too!! I am missing my kiddy free time (am a little behind on reading blogs too;) So full on and tiring, thankgoodness for the TV my only saviour!!x

  8. Not 'quite' back to reality yet Simone, but we're trying. I love your images. All so lovely. The bub's room is coming along beautifully. That inflatable pool looks wondrous, I would even get in that for a play ;o)
    Love the bunting also :o)
    I've been on holi's so just catching up now, good to be back xo

  9. Oh yes, talk about an increase in the amount of cups children use when they are home!!
    The bunting is so sweet & yay for the nursery. How exciting, a new baby, your bigger boys will be great big brothers.
    Now that pool is totally ace, i love it, love Posie

  10. Love that nursery storage!! Can't wait to see the room all finished. I'm yet to do Sophie's. As for tidying up, i'm the same. Drives me batty seeing clutter and mess throughout the day but have learnt to leave it until the end of the day to tidy.


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