Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cute or what!

I'm not really a cat person but I found this really cute!

This reminds me I really must book myself in for a Pregnancy Massage.

Ahhhh bliss!!!!

Simone xx

via tumblr


  1. So cute! I actually witnessed a cat massaging a HUGE dog in a similar fashion last week - now that was cute!

    Massages are seriously the best thing EVER.

  2. Oh only a massage not from a cat, the claws, we used to call it banana clawing when we had cats growing up?? I had one pregnancy massage, ONCE. He meant well, that is all i can say. Ok, so i was pregnant with twins & extra pressure but when the massage therapist was an iron man (not kidding) as the receptionist didn't book me in for 'pregnancy' but something along the lines of 'squeeze, poke & rub the hell out of her shoulders & back' he kept saying "is this too firm" & all his sweet questions & iron hands kind of ruined the mood. Love Posie

  3. Oh that is just lovely, thanks for sharing Simone :o) xo

  4. So precious!!!! Certainly more TLC and me time needed during pregnacy. My first time to your special space here, I will join on my way out as I know I am going to enjoy returning time and time again. Perhaps you will find the time to come visit me and do the same. I look forward to engaging more with you throughout the year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. Yes, the cutest, I love animal clips like this... Have a good week!


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