Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A couple of days with my buddy

While Jasper has been at kindy the last couple of days Finn and I have been enjoying time together. Just the two of us. He made my heart melt when he said today "I love these days when it's just the two of us"

Here is our days together in some pics from my phone.

Kindy drop off for Jasper.

Home to check on my emails and fulfil orders for prints by Honey and Fizz.

Popping up some letters in the baby's room.
 It's all coming together :)

Off to the mall to pick up a few things, including some Jasmine tea from T2.

Home via the skate park.

Ooops, better stop off at Harris Farm and pick up a few things for dinner.

A delish recipe from Jamie Oliver for dinner tonight.

Settle in to watch the new series of Biggest Loser. 
Tears in the first 15 minutes!


Jobs around the house today. Finn trimmed all the jasmine for me.
Didn't he do a fab job?

We then went to Bunnings to buy some new plants for our pots near the front door as my hydrangeas died :(

We're very happy with our efforts!

We treated ourselves to lunch and a chocolate milkshake :)

We've had a great couple of days together and I'll miss Finn's company when he goes back to school on Monday.

What did you get up to these last couple of days?

Simone xx

all pics my own taken on my iphone


  1. Good times...it great to get some 1 on 1 with the kids. Twins have gone to their Dads for a few days so just Little Bit and me...we all have cabin fever its been raining here for 3 days...yuk last week of hols :( Oh and watching BL now and yes tears!!

  2. Mother/son time is so important and they are just such good company!!

  3. Oh nice, and what an opportunity before the new bub comes along...Thanks for sending the rain up our way...:)

  4. I love this post Simone, it's all just so feelgood and lovely (except for the hydrangeas, sorry to hear about them!) They are gorgeous photos, amazing what the iphone can do. There is alot to be said for precious one on one time with each child. I enjoyed a day with my littlest boy today, which was nice :o) xo
    P.S. I get emotional during Biggest Loser too!

  5. Looks like you two had a great time together. That's one great smile :)

  6. I enjoyed this trip through your day! I'm holding on to the last few days with Charlotte as she's starting school soon. That Jamie Oliver recipe is one of my favourites. We cook so many things from that book! Rachael xx

  7. One on one time is so precious. I'm glad you made the most of it together. x


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