Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bump pic - 31 wks.

This is me and my bump at 31 weeks.

Yippee I'm on the home straight :)

The baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead so I'm having another BIG boy (both the boys were 9lbs 1 oz)

Things I am doing at this stage of pregnancy  are - 

* living in my black stretchy skirt from Sussan

* craving watermelon


*my iron levels are quite low so I am munching on green vegies, having red meat twice a week and taking an iron supplement.

* i have to have a pedicure asap as I can no longer reach my toes myself comfortably!

*sleeping with about 6 pillows at night, trying to find that perfect combination :)

Simone xx

image via my iphone


  1. Looking good! I've just hit 22 wks so really must take a bump pic soon.

  2. You look gorgeous Simone. Hope you're as comfortable as can be. I need to find myself a stretchy black skirt... I've hit 20 weeks and can no longer deny the need for strechy-er clothes! xx

  3. Yah for the home straight...the light at the end of the tunnel. I too had some 10pounders in my tummy so know what it feels like to carry that around.

    A foot massage will be perfect.

    Nothing like a good pregnancy uniform:)

  4. Looking good and not long to go now! A pedicure sounds like a nice idea, especially if it involves a massage :) x

  5. Oh Simone, you look amazing! Loving that beautiful bump, you are ALL baby :o)
    I am also used to big boys, so know the weight you must be feeling in your belly right now.
    Have you got a maternity pillow?? I bought one with my second and it was the best investment I ever made... in fact I still use it to sleep ;o) xo

  6. Bubs is looking wonderful an so are you! Enjoy the pedi and rest up when ever you can get comfy! xx

  7. You are one gorgeous gal, Simone. Good luck for the home straight! x

  8. I agree with mamaoftwoboys, pregnancy pillows were the only way I could sleep at night. You look great by the way!

  9. You look gorgeous Simone - what a neat, compact bump you have!! x


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