Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas Day - 2011

We had a perfect Christmas Day, beautiful weather, wonderful family and friends and delicious food in abundance!
 Who could ask for more?!
We had Christmas at home for 20 this year, I was exhausted by the end of the day but the day was all that I wanted it to be plus it won't be my turn to host for at least another 4 years :)

I was so happy to see blue skies for Christmas Day!

Any presents left in there?!

The stunning Bombe Alaska made by Simon's uncle.

Food, glorious food!

My parents, myself and the boys. My parents have been divorce for 23 years and I only have Christmas with the both of them together every 4 years or so, so it was great to get this pic :)

Simon, bump (26 wks) and I

Working off lunch.

All in all it was a fantastic day and I received some wonderful pressies.

How was your day? What was your favourite part of the day?

Simone xx


  1. What a fabulous day you had, your home is beautiful, your outdoor area is amazing, surrounded by those gorgeous trees. What lovely family pics.x

  2. Wow what a beautiful christmas, you have such a lovely family and home xo

  3. Just gorgeous, Simone! What a feat for you to pull all that off - I'm most impressed. And just think - next Christmas, you'll be a family of 5! J x

  4. Oh Simone, that looks so gorgeous. Aren't you amazing doing all that at 26 weeks! Love that bombe alaska as well, love relatives that can cook something fabulous xx

  5. looks lovely Simone, and could your house be any more gorgeous? Merry Christmas to you all..... xx

  6. Lovely photos Simone, and the atmosphere that resonates through them is so relaxing....you did a fantastic job, and the food looks like it was yummooo!!x

  7. I can't believe you did all that AND with a bump!! It looked beautiful and full of happiness and love! Food looked devine and that 'Bombastic' dessert is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Maybe I should try it!?!

  8. What beautiful pics Simone and looks like an absolutely gorgeous Christmas day. Your home is spectacular. The food, oh my, the FOOD! And I love your owl vase... that is SO cute :o)
    Not hosting for another 4 years sounds delightful ;o)

  9. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas. What a lot of people and wow, look at all that yummy food!!

  10. Wow Simone! Your day looked perfect! The table setting, the food....it all....looked fabulous! Great job on hosting so many people :) Lovely photos! xx

  11. just found you through a baby called max... you have a gorgeous blog. Love your photos... anyway... hope you had a fabulous christmas. Certainly looks like there were lots of smiles and laughter.

  12. wow simone, your home is just gorgeous! i would spend every meal in your outdoor area! the kids' space outside is a dream. everything looked spectacular, thanks for sharing x

  13. Hi Simone. We too had 20 people and I will have to host again in 3 years so I was very happy to put in the effort. It was a great day - lots of laughs and fun for everyone. Your house looks gorgeous - beautifully decorated. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ange

  14. Merry Christmas Simone & family, what a beautiful home you have, love Posie


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