Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking the Halls - at home Christmas 2011

So we have had the tree and decorations up for a week or so now, our earliest ever! 
I thought I would show you some pics of our home decorated. 
When it came to our "Christmas Colours" this year I just couldn't decide on an accent colour so I stuck with green, silver and white.
Very fresh and simple but who know's I might still add a colour!

The front door, love my garlands!

As you walk in the front door, a mini wooden Christmas Tree and a framed Christmas message :)

Walking through the house with more garlands around the door.
 I just noticed it is coming away from the  frame so Simon will have to fix that, otherwise I won't fit and will have to walk through sideways! 

Also my friend Prancer keeping watch over my desk. Watch your eyes on the antlers! Jasper likes to give him a pat as he walks by :)

The lounge area. 
As we are hosting Christmas Day this area will be where we will have lunch, set for 20 so I have a few ideas for the table decorations too.

The tree, with most of the presents done. Yay!

All the ornaments are white and silver this year. 
It's nice to have a change :)

The tree lit up. Ahhhhh.....

So there you have it our Christmas Decorations for 2011. I usually use the same pieces for a few years with a few new ornaments added each year. The garlands are a new addition this year and I am looking forward to using them for years to come. I ordered them online and I'm so happy with them. 
Here is how we spent Christmas last year :)

So is your tree up? Are your presents done?
Are you hosting Christmas lunch this year?

Simone xx

all images my own.


  1. Where did you get the garland around your front door?! I'm tyring to find some! Looks fabulous :)

  2. Looks fantastic Simone..very festive and inviting! Yes..we got our tree up and all the xmas shopping done and wrapped..nice not having to worry about it anymore. No pitty patty parties at our place..except the ones I have with myself when I have a cup cake in one hand and a magazine in the other ; ) Hope you and baby bump are doing well x

  3. Wow your house is like looking in a magazine.

  4. Leanne, I ordered the garlands online. I think it was called the Christmas Warehouse or something like that. I just googled it but they were located in Sydney I think. x

  5. Lovin the garlands too and I want a prancer, have gone with silver, pink and blue, Little Bit and the boy next door just did the tree, most of my shopping done and wrapped!!

  6. Really lovely decorations and home! And so organised to with the shopping already done.

  7. wow everything looks divine!! You have such a beautiful house!

  8. Spectacular! YOu have done such a great job Simone. The reindeer is the finishing touch, brings it all together!x

  9. What a beautiful home Simone, gorgeously styled for christmas. I have just put my tree up, need to wrap some presents now.x

  10. I love your house. it is gorgeous and I love your decorations

  11. Fantastic. Really stylish decorations xxx

  12. Ohhhhh Simone, I love your Christmas home. So tasteful and pretty. LOVING the garlands, they just add something special to the room. That front entrance is Home Beautiful stuff, gorgeous! I think your theme is very fresh, you just can't go wrong with it.
    Prancer is adorable and I love the idea of Jasper giving him a pat, very sweet! xo

  13. very tasteful color palette! and that is the fullest, most gorgeous garland i've ever seen!

  14. Your decorations look gorgeous, you're so organised to have them all up and gifts wrapped under your tree already! Melissa x

  15. Looks fantastic, I love all your decorations. Mimi xx

  16. It all looks beautiful Simone, nicely decorated. ;-)

  17. Beautiful Simone! LOVE Prancer, he is such a gorgeous statement piece :)

  18. very NICE decorations!!!

  19. It's gorgeous Simone! You're so organised with all your presents done already! I still have stacks left to do. But, with the forecast for this weekend rain and more rain, Christmas shopping is a perfect indoor activity. With every other man and his dog! Love your reindeer too, very handsome! gxo


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