Monday, December 19, 2011

Bump watch - 25 wks

Here are a few pics of my bump this week.
It's interesting on how it can look bigger or smaller depending on what I am wearing!
I'm also getting used to the surprised looks on people's faces when I say I'm not due until the end of March :)

iphone pic

At Dreamworld on Friday.
 Being pregnant was the perfect excuse for getting out of the scary rides and rollercoasters with Finn!

Simone xx

all images my own


  1. OMG - it's been so long since I caught up. Last I heard you were pregnant. Now look at you! You look great, and so happy. Once we get over the Xmas/NY festivities, back to school etc. it will be not long before baby is due. So exciting! x

  2. You look FAB Simone! I got really big quite quickly with Ryder's pregnancy too! Embrace it bellies are gorgeous! xx

  3. You and your bump look gorgi!!

  4. You look gorgeous. There's nothing like a beautiful, pregnant woman! And I don't think you look big for 25 weeks so I'm not sure where the surprise is coming from..Rachaelxx

  5. Your looking super healthy and glowing Simone! Its funny how you get " those looks" at the moment Im getting comments must be due any day now...and then the look of shock when I tell them I still have till

    Think we are both going to have big boys ; )

  6. Oh Simone, you look gorgeous! Loving the bump updates :o) I think you look very neat and shapely for this stage, not that big at all... but maybe in the flesh it's more noticeable to people. I was forever being asked if I was carrying twins with both of my boys... I was HUGE!
    Lovely pic with your beautiful boy too!
    We are heading up to Goldie and the Sunshine Coast in January and Dreamworld is on our list... I have NO pregnancy excuse for the rides though... just as well I LOVE rides ;o) Enjoy the rest of your week xo

  7. Wow, what a great bump you're sporting. I'm 21 weeks and my belly looks nothing like that. In fact I've only really just got a bump.

  8. oh, would you lookee at you!! I love bumps..... other peoples bumps, that is!! Just gorgeous -- hope all going well!! xxx Nicole

  9. I could NEVER get sick of looking at a beautiful bump! Yours is such a beautiful, compact little bump!

    I was forever being asked if I was carrying twins!

    Nope. Just a 9 pound 4 oz. little beast named Max :)



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