Monday, November 21, 2011

Wrapped up!

I'm starting some of my Christmas Shopping today and it got me thinking about how I will wrap my pressies this year. 

 I always try to co-ordinate my wrapping to my tree and house ( I'm one of those people!) Here are a few ideas I came across that I like. 
Are you like me and love to wrap the pressies and make them pretty? Or is it a chore to be completed as fast as possible?!

We set the Christmas tree up on the weekend. 
The boys were so excited and I let them help put the decorations on themselves without rearranging them! They did a fabulous job and I will take a few pictures this week when I have the rest of the decorations up :)

Simone xx

images via pinterest


  1. Love making an effort to pretty presents be honest I don't put so much effort into the kiddies one as they all get torn up within seconds..but the more personalised gifts for friends etc I love to get creative with ; )

  2. This is something I need to take more time and effort with. Usually it is REALLY badly wrapped (I don't do corners very well), and last minute throw together. I am still at the stage where anything under the tree will get ripped open by a 14 month old so they don't get displayed for very long!

  3. They are all gorgeous. Can't beat brown paper and twine, but the look of those candy canes is the winner I think! You've inspired me... I think I'll start wrapping the few presents I've already bought today! gxo

  4. I'm like you and am a bit OCD when it comes to decoration and the co-ordination of my pressies.
    You definitely need scissors on hand to unwrap one of my gifts, I'm sure the kiddies hate me (that is, until they get what's inside haha).
    But I take so much joy in giving and I have so much fun when wrapping that I often get carried away!
    I'm not sure if thats normal lol

  5. How funny, you need to read one of my last posts!!!!??? I am also one of 'those' people its ALL about he packaging...isn't it???

  6. Definitely not a chore, mind you after seeing these beautiful packages, I could do with a bit of creative flair on my gifts :o/ I actually enjoying wrapping gifts and adding a bit of ribbon and a handwritten tag. I think gifts under the tree are gorgeous :o)
    Would love to see a pic of your tree and deco's, I can just imagine how lovely it would all look xo

  7. Choosing and wrapping presents is my favourite part of Christmas - each year I pick a colour theme and get a few different rolls of wrap and coordinating ribbons and make them all look pretty.

  8. just found your blog and i'm loving it, i too am a wrapping fan!


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