Friday, November 18, 2011

Peekaboo with baby,some nursery ideas & Christmas decorations.

I had my 20 week scan today (a week or so late) and got to see my baby boy :) He is showing a stubborn streak already and wouldn't co-operate with moving into the correct positions so I am back on Tuesday for a couple more pics. Everything looks perfect and healthy so far which is fabulous and I don't really mind going back as I'm hoping to see his face :)

I've also started thinking of some nursery ideas. I'm thinking neutral. Maybe white and grey with a splash of red.

Other nursery ideas include
*grey and white stripes on one wall
*baby's name on the wall in red
*the alphabet on the wall in wooden letters in different fonts. Red I think.
*All the furniture will be white. I'm only really having the cot, drawers that will double as a change table and some kind of shelving unit for toys,books etc.

 I already bought this sign from Alfresco Emporium so it has to fit in somewhere!

I couldn't find any pics I liked of nurserys on the net so might have to create my own little mood board :)

I'm just thinking of ideas at the moment and won't really start on the baby's room until next year after the Christmas and NY season has been done.

Speaking of which, I think I am going to set up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. It is EARLY I know, but I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit and the boys are so excited about it!I finally settled on the important( ;P ) decision of my "Christmas Colours" and I decided on green,white and silver. So suffice to say my yellow cushions now won't work and I had to pull out my green cushions etc, which included purchasing a new cushion for my armchair. I chose this Palm Tree one. Very summery!

My garlands that I ordered online arrived and I am happy to say that they are exactly as I wanted! So I should have some pics to share on Monday with you all.

Have a fabulous weekend! 
Simone xx

image of scan my own of course! Other pic from Alfresco Emporium and cushion from Beachwood in Avalon.


  1. I'm glad to hear all is going well with you. Isn't technology amazing when you can see pics of your baby so clearly. Amazing. I like the nursery colour scheme idea you have, s splash of red on neutrals would be great. Have a lovely weekend! X

  2. How cute your baby boy is hiding...hehe. Oh and those palm I did neutral with colour splashes for the twins half pink half blue pretty traditional and it was 15 yrs ago!!

  3. The 3D scans are amazing, nice and reassuring as well! I love the palm cushions they are soo unique! The idea of nursery colours sounds fantastic, if anyone can pull it off you can!

  4. Wow, an amazing scan pic! And I love that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star pic. Would be perfect for a kid's bedroom by the sea.

  5. Oh. my. goodness! Those palm tree cushions are amazing... I'm in love! :o) Also loving the sound of your Christmas theme and go ahead, it's not that early to start decorating now.
    Oh your baby boy is already adorable, those scans are so incredible. And I agree, it's always nice having an excuse to go back and see more clips of your babe, enjoy!
    Also think the nursery ideas sound beautiful.
    So many exciting things going on Simone :o) xo

  6. Wow, i love those 3d images simone!! how amazing to be able to see your baby before their born!! and at least you get to go for another scan!! I always used to pretend i was unsure of my dates so that i could get more!!Loved ultrasounds (except the part of not being able to go to the loo till afterwards!!!) Love your purchase for the nursery too! how exciting to be able to do a nursery! If i didnt have to go through the pregnancy part (which for me was hell!) i would have another baby for sure! hmm, nevermind!!!
    have a fab day!!
    laura xxx

  7. Glad to hear things are going well for you! It's not too early to put up your decorations. Apparently in south Australia you can put them up after the christmas pageant which was last weekend :)

  8. Such an amazing scan pic even if you can't see bub's face - Sophie was in almost exactly the same pose with her hands covering her face :)

    Love your nursery ideas - I'm yet to put Sophie's together even though she's 5 weeks tomorrow... hopefully after Chrissy.

    Gorgeous palm tree cushions and can't wait to see your decorations xx


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