Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ideas for my baby boys nursery.

Here is a mood board I created for the baby's room so far.

Really going for a neutral theme with the red accents.
I definately NEED that aeroplane sticker with the baby's name!

Also loving the idea of vintage suitcases as a place to store toys and books.

I also NEED this bunny lamp from Lark.

Loving these spotty walls as well :)

So, just a few ideas that I need to have "written down".
You can find all the links on my pinterest board.

Also I am struggling to think of another boys name that I love. Would love to hear some of your suggestions :)

Simone xx


  1. Adore these ideas Simone. Promise to send me pics when you are finished?

  2. Gorgeous Simone...that decal is so cute.
    Those spots I think are decals aswell..I have seen them for sale, they have a mirrored effect..Ive seen them at one of those discount stores..not expensive at all.

    Did you check out that website I posted about for baby names..nameberry.com they're pretty good hon ; )

    A x

  3. Just found your blog, Love that colour scheme : )

  4. simone, love all your picks for babys room! Have had my eye on one of those cute bunny lamps for the longest time!!! But dont really have anywhere to put it in my place, my kids are too old!
    laura xxx

  5. Love what you've put together Simone and can't wait to see it all put into place. Love the spots on the wall effect. I actually had that plane in my 'baby' inspipration folder too for if I had a boy. Now we've got Sophie I'm thinking of going with a kite and clouds decal. As for boys' names, i found them SOOOOOO hard myself :)

  6. Totally agree about boys names being hard.

    I have a Cooper then a Ruby then a Heidi.

    Ruby would have been either a Max or a Nate and Heidi was Ned. I couldn't think of any other names I liked.

  7. Love the neutrals! And that chair! Big love.

    I have a Noah and a Darcy ;)

  8. I've had my eye on that lamp as well, Simone. Then I found this one for a fraction of the price (http://www.hunkydoryhome.co.uk/hunkycat/rabbit-night-light-p-1519.html?cPath=33_113) - see what you think! J x

  9. Oh how lovely Simone, your plan with the neutrals with splashes of red sounds perfect. Such a nice change from the stock standard blue for boys!
    How about the name on the wall in your pic, Jamie! That's cute :o)

  10. Oh my gosh! The elephant in the white and silver nursery....I have to have it! Where was that pic from?



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