Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I thought I'd love it but.......

I read an article by Bec at Mama Mia the other day about things that you thought you would love but when you actually try them they never live up to your expectations. This happens to me so often, I get excited about a product, a movie, a restaurant or a shop and when I finally try it , it's all a bit meh!

Here are some examples of things I have found distinctly average!

* Mad Men - I found this depressing, a little slow and even the clothes couldn't keep me watching!

*Zara/Topshop - heaps of hype but to me the clothes were kinda boring and cheap looking. Maybe I caught them on a bad week?

* Robert Pattison - I can't see the appeal here ladies! He is a bit weak and wimpy looking for me. Team Jacob all the way ;)

*Cottage Cheese - it's supposed to be healthy and "lovely" on crackers or as a dip with crudites but I just can't develop a taste for it!

*Eat/Pray/Love - the book and the movie! I felt like the author was selfish and ungrateful and looking to others to fulfil her, instead of taking control of her own happiness. I persisted in finishing the book but at the end threw it away. I don't know why I saw the movie, maybe I was swayed by all the talk of great scenery shots!

*Sales - Boxing Day or otherwise - full of stuff that the shops couldn't sell throughout the year and all the good stuff you had your eye on a week ago has been packed away! Also I can't stand the crowds! I must be getting old :)

*Laksa - I see people slurping away and talking about the little restaurant down the road that makes the "best" Laksa but I can't stand the taste or the smell. Blurgh!

*DIY fake tan - no matter how easy it is supposed to be to apply it, I CAN'T DO IT! I follow the steps, I exfoliate etc and  I've tried aerosols, creams, mousse but I always get a patchy, orangey hue. I now stick to spray tans done professionally or a moisturiser with a gradual tan included. 

*Herbal teas - they sound yummy with delightful names but they all taste horrible to me. I wish I could sip on a peppermint tea after a big dinner or share a pot of lemongrass & ginger tea with Simon but I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

So how about you? Anything you agree with on the list?
What did you think that you would love but found a bit disappointing?

Simone xx


  1. Aria..........I thought it would be fabulous..the food was good, but I think the inside needs a bit of a revamp and the waiter we got was a little ordinary. Much preferred the low key Bar H in Surry Hills where we did a cooking class (with Hamish who was Kylie Kwongs head chef for 9 years), lunch then served to you with a wine to match each of the 3 dishes ......so much less pretentious and so much more relaxed and fun!

  2. What a great post Simone!! I absolutely agree with you on almost everything...except laksa. Mad Men - boring. Zara - total disappointment. Rpats - team Jacob every time. And don't even get me started on fake tans or herbal tea. I am guilty of trying these every once in a while, only to remind myself how bad they really are :) K xx

  3. Yes! I think the anticipation of things is often better than the actual thing. I agree with many if your things but I have found a fake tan that's really good. It's by Pod puraceuticsls. You can get it online or in Priceline :)

  4. "Snap!" for Robert Pattison, cottage cheese [hmm, anyone seeing a connection here?] and fake tan.

    Am just about to scoot off to watch "Midnight In Paris" am hoping for some loveliness and laughs and hoping - fingers crossed.

    Happy day!

  5. Haha clever post, can agree with most of the list except R Pat, Im team Edward and laska, do enjoy one with prawns and dont mind a bit of Cottage cheese, your post has made me smile :)

  6. What a great post, I feel this way too on many different things and think "is it just me?" and I agree with most of what you said also. Oh and Zara in Australia doesn't compare to Zara os, thankfully this is still my treat when I go away.
    Your post just goes to show you need to like what you like regardless of what society says!
    Thanks for this post x

  7. Just wanted to say Simone, that this has totally made my day. One of the best blogs I've read in a very long time. I'm still smiling thinking about your comments. I love your Blog.

  8. Best post Ever! I might need a while to compose my list "I thought I'd love it but..." Yakult is up the top of the list! yuck! XX Samie

  9. Hahaha..your a funny girl.

    Totally Agree with most of your list there honey...although I have to say

    Love herbal teas, and it does take trying a few blends to find the one you like.

    Eat, Pray, Love - Never read the book , but loved the movie and soundtrack

    Prefer team Jacob..but perhaps with Roberts intelligence and personality

    Fake Tan - suggestion..try the Clinique brand..in dark...and moisturise before hand, wait a while.. like 20 min..then apply an nice lathering ( squeeze about the size of a 20c piece of the tan lotion in your hand ) ..and lather lather lather in until you don't notice any patchiness or streaks..its the only one I use now.

    Great post honey x

  10. Oh, I'm with you on most of these {except Laksa - and I still haven't got around to actually watching Mad Men...} I wanted to reach into Eat, Pray, Love and give her a slap... annoying.

    I try not to build up expectations, in case they crash too hard. But I love it when something exceeds those expectations - like Paris - every. single. time.


  11. Things I agree with:

    Zara / Top Shop - I find most of it is cheap too but I can't blame a bad week.

    Robert Pattison - I am team Jacob as well but not a follower of it really.

    Never read nor watched Eat Pray Love so don't know what you mean.

    Mad Men - what is it?

    laksa - never tried it so I don't know

    fake tans - had the discussion with my sister about them just on the weekend. Stripping down to nothing but paper undies turns me off.

    herbal teas - I like but can't go passed a good pot of english breakfast though I do like a chai latte every now and then.

  12. Cool post Simone. I have to disagree with you on Eat, Pray, Love...the book at least. If you have a look at Elizabeth Gilbert doing her TED talk you might change your mind. I think she's brilliant. Completely hated the movie though!

  13. So with you on Cottage Cheese, Robert Pattison, Sales and I think the last time I did a fake tan was about 20 years ago.. epic fail!!. Don't mind a GOOD herbal tea but they are hard to come by...

  14. oh gosh Simone, you took all the words out of my mouth!!! As for meh for me....I could not stand living in Sydney!! lol But I love visiting :)

  15. Oh what a great post Simone! I'm with you on a few of those counts. Herbal tea, laksa, cottage cheese, sales, Robert Pattison... and the whole twilight saga for that matter.
    Two and a half men is the big one that springs to mind right now... don't get the attraction, never have.
    Coffee and any other hot drinks... yuck! Drinking for me is about cooling down and refreshing, so drinking hot liquid is just craziness! :o) xo

  16. Everything!!!!! Absolutely agree with you on them all!!! I can now drink peppermint and lemon tea (if I have to) by thinking of them as a warm slightly flavoured drink...call them tea and then blah!!!!!

  17. Have to agree with you there except for Mad Men, totally hooked on it. As for Sales, love them, only we an benefit. Great post, I get sucked into these and get let down.

  18. Interesting post! Made me smile! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  19. I agree with most of these..... except tthe Robert Pattinson bit -- shame on you!!! ;) I hate herbal teas too (ech) -- and why would you when you have a have a deliciously foamy, hot, creamy flat-white? Have a great weekend Simone...... xx

  20. I've never been a huge fan of Boxing Day sales either - I too hate the crowds. As for herbal teas, I do like them - my sister gave me a mango and passionfruit tea recently and I've been on the lookout at every supermarket for it but no luck:)

    I'm keen to find a good tanning product too so am eager to see what others suggest...

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