Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Night.

This is how we spent our Saturday night, setting up a train set :)

Simon's parents have sold their home and are moving into a unit near the beach. They are in the process of packing up their house  so we are inheriting lots of toys they bought for the grandkids but will no longer have room for.

Finn used to play with this train set when he was younger and now it's Jasper's turn and then we will pack it away ready for the new baby.

I love the idea of keeping toys in the family. 
(not that it usually happens around here, too many broken toys, missing game pieces)
Do you have a toy/game that has been in the family for a while?

Simone xx

images my own


  1. What an amazing train set - looks like your boys are having alot of fun xo

  2. Oh how gorgeous Simone. I would love to set up a train set like this for my boys, but we just don't have the room in our place. So lovely to have toys that are passed down for generations. My Mama has kept alot of our old toys and the boys play with them every time we visit. Takes me back in time instantly too :o)
    Looks like a lovely Sat night at your place xo

  3. Wow, that's an amazing train set! We have a rocking horse which started off as mine and has got passed to every child in the family. It's currently back with me in my daughter's bedroom!


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