Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A pregnancy journal

So far this pregnancy I have been a little slack in recording the little things. 
You know - How the bump is growing? What foods I am craving? Considering I had a pregnancy book for the boys I really have to do one this time around :)

I love these ideas and would love to do something similar.

I'll post a pic of my bump soon. I'm now 18wks.
It is growing at a rapid rate :) 
(and unfortunately so is my bum!)

Simone xx

images via pinterest


  1. Congratulations Simone! What an exciting year you are having.
    I love bump photo journals and so wish I had have kept one for my girls. Such a lovely idea.

    Kel x

  2. What a gorgeous idea and so fun to look back on once bub is here. Congratulations Simone... such exciting news! gxo

  3. Oh how beautiful Simone. I would LOVE to see a pic of your bump. The bump shots are precious :o)
    What a great idea for a pregnancy journal and such a lovely keepsake. Wish I'd done one of these for my boys xo

  4. These are great ideas. I am nearly 14 weeks pregnant and would really like to do something like this. I was going to keep a diary or something when I was pregnant with my daughter but just felt so rough I didn't really have the energy to do it. I do have my blog now though so I am sure I'll be mentioning my feelings on there every now and again.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful way to keep track of your pregnancy. I love it!


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