Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Halloween.

We had a very last minute Halloween here :) This included driving to the bargain shop after school pick up and rummaging through the masks with the other hordes of last minute halloween shoppers.

 Jasper was very enthusiastic in the shop but wouldn't don his costume for trick or treating. The best he would do was a headband.
But he LOVED the idea of knocking on a door and getting lollies.  He is quite shy so the fact he had the confidence to do this was fantastic. 

 We started off at a friends place and then just did the one street. I couldn't believe all the kids that were out trick or treating. It was quite a fun atmosphere. I'm sure over the next few years Halloween is just going to get bigger and bigger in Australia.

Did you trick or treat?

Simone xx

images my own


  1. Funny you should say that Simone, as I said the exact same thing to hubby tonight, I think the popularity of halloween here in Australia has become greater every year and will continue to. That being said, we're not into as yet, I think the boys are a bit young though.
    Love the pics of your gorgeous boys enjoying themselves and getting in the spirit of it all. Lovely that they were able to experience it in a street where there were lots of children getting involved xo

  2. I was trying to play it all down and avoid the whole thing as my eldest girl was getting a bit freaked out by all the pumpkins with scary faces and masks :) it is definitely getting bigger each year with the stores stocking more and more.

  3. Great pics miss. Guess what?? I finally blogged.
    Anymore thoughts on pregnancy project?
    Big LOVE x


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