Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

It just hit me that this time next week I will be flying my way to New York!

I'm so excited but haven't really thought too much about it. Time to get organised I think!
I will pop up a post in a few days about all the things I am hoping to do.

I seem to have that John Denver's song "Leaving on a jet plane" and of course Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" doing a rotating in my head as my mental sound track this week!

Let me know if there is a "must do or see" for me to add to my list :)

Simone xx

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  1. Squeeeeee! New YORK! How exciting. Please, just wander around open-mouthed with excitement for me. And enjoy x

  2. Definitely have to go to MoMA, sit and people watch in central park and a visit to the boutiques in the boho district, love love love NewYork! Such an experience.

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  4. VERY exciting Simone!
    My 'go to' person for all things NYC is Joanna Goddard of 'Cup of Jo' fame.

    Here are a few links you might like to follow up:

    1. Her guide to NYC

    2. 10 ways to not look like a tourist

    3. 10 favourite restaurants

    4. 10 favourite shops

    and my all time favourite

    5. How to flag a cab

    Have a brilliant time!
    xx Felicity

  5. Oooo lucky lucky you Simone :o)
    All I will ask is that you take plenty of fab photos to share with us on your blog when you return. Good luck with all the packing and organisation, that a big trip like this entails xo

  6. I was going to recommend A Cup of Jo too - enjoy! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. Oh I am sooo jealous! I just love NY! So many must do's. A few I'd recommend - MOMA, the sculpture garden on the roof of the MET and high tea at Lady Mendl's in Irving Place, Gramercy Park. Have an awesome time :)
    Abbey x

  8. Excitement plus! MoMA, The Met, lunch at Balthazar's, Empire State Building (almost didn't go but so glad I did), Garage Flea in Chelsea, Young Designers Market Nolita (didn't go but it was recommended by a New Yorker), Central Park for hours :)

  9. Giddy super exciting...and Im super jealous!
    Wish I could say that I was leaving on a jet plane to ..well anywhere would be nice.
    Now I have those songs ringing in MY
    Have a wonderful trip sweetie...enjoy...keep safe and well and look forward to hearing all about your little adventure and findings when you get back x

  10. Simone, how could you have forgotten or not thought about it much?!!!!! Its so exciting!!! Cant wait to see and hear about what you get up to!!!
    Laura xxx

  11. I am so envious. I so wished that I had gone to NYC when I was out and about travelling the world. Have the most amazing time!


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