Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honey I'm Home - New York part 1

I'm back from an amazing 5 days in New York. It was a fantastic time and we crammed so much in it was a little exhausting! I made notes at the end of each day so I could remember all the places we had seen and the streets we had walked and the food we had eaten! I really didn't eat that much considering the lists of places I had written down to try, the baby was craving plain food but Simon made up for it by gaining 2 kgs in 5 days! Although the lucky thing will lose it in a week as soon as he starts eating normally again.

Day 1 -Finally after the endless journey to get to New York, we arrived at 7pm to our hotel, The Surrey. Thank goodness it met all our expectations! It was absolutely beautiful. We had dinner at a local restaurant Seraphina, Simon had a pizza and I must have had the world's largest chicken breast and vegies. Just the beginning of a few humongous meals! Bed time as we were zonked!

en route - iphone

lobby at night - iphone

gorgeous painting near elevators - iphone

hugest chicken breast ever! - iphone

view from our room

Day 2 - Jetlagged! Woke up at 3.30am, decided to call the boys to let them know we had arrived, watched some tv and eventually went back to sleep for a few hours. A room service breakfast and then a shower with the most intense shower pressure ever. Lets just say the spray was invigorating! We then caught a cab to Soho, I was scared in every cab ride we took. The drivers were all maniacs. They all drove too fast and swapped lanes carelessly! I don't think I had one ride where I felt safe! We wandered down streets with lots of shops including Anthropologie. We got Finn some of the Vans shoes he couldn't get at home and Simon got a couple of pairs of shoes too. I looked but nothing really grabbed me. Maybe it is being pregnant but all the clothes were a bit ho hum to me. I had money to burn and couldn't find anything I liked :) We stopped for snacks at Dean and Deluca, gourmet indulgence at its best! We decided to just walk in the direction of our hotel and see how far we could go before we got too tired. Stopped for lunch at a cafe where a toasted sandwich was an extravaganza with all the trimming and a massive serve of fries. Passed the Flatiron Building, Madison Ave, popped into Trump Tower (Simon's one time idol), and of course I had to have a browse in Tiffany and Co. We had a little rest near the Plaza Hotel, it looks a lot smaller in real life! The streets were bustling and very New York! We then wandered over to Central Park and did the very touristy carriage ride. We must have had the chattiest driver ever, Simon was interested in his patter but I just wanted to enjoy the view! We then walked back to the Surrey Hotel and collapsed! I calculated we had walked 91 blocks and that wasn't counting going up and down some of them. We had left the hotel at 10am that morning and walked until 6pm that night! I ended up having a 5 hour snooze and woke up at midnight starving. Simon went looking for the pizza place he went to 10 years ago(!)and brought back the sausage pizza he had been raving about ever since. 

anthropologie, I really wanted that tureen! - iphone

pumpkins at Dean and Deluca - iphone

The Flatiron Building

Simon on the carriage ride, the carriages are a bit manky!

Simon's beloved sausage pizza

Day 3 - We decided to explore the West Village today and caught a cab to Bleeker St, saw the Magnolia Bakery but didn't feel like a cupcake. We walked down Perry St (where all SATC fans will know that Carries apartment stoop was shot here). "Carrie's" stoop was a bit grotty and chained off so we took a pic on the one next to it. So much nicer. It was a gorgeous area with a lovely homely feel to it. I could definately live there :) We then headed to the Meat Packing District, and walked the cobblestone streets to the High Line. This is a disused railway track that has been turned into a park/walkway. Lovely to have a bit of greenery in that urban landscape. Caught a cab to Grand Central Station for a wander and a late lunch. I had the most delicious vegie soup ever! We then walked over to Rockefeller Centre for a look at the Moma store and a few others. We then ventured into Times Square. Absolute chaos! Bright lights, crowds of people, tacky and over the top but a must see :) We headed back towards the hotel and detoured via the toy shop FAO Schwartz. The boys would have loved it! Highlights were the Barbie Foosball table for $25k and of course the giant piano from the movie Big. Of course Simon had to have a go, which I recorded for the boys. It was hilarious! We HAD to wander through the "candy" section on the way out and marvelled at the size of all the lollies! We had to buy the boys some rock candy and giant gummy bears. So much fun stuff there!
We headed to the hotel for dinner and a rest. We decided to have a late night treat at Serendipity (remember the movie?). Simon had the Strawberry Fields - an extravaganza of cheesecake, icecream, cream and strawberries and I had their signature Frozen Hot Chocolate which was to die for!

Perry St

me on a "nice" stoop :)

Where's Wally (me) at Grand Central Station

shoe shine at Grand Central Station

Simon at Times Square

The $25k Barbie Foosball table!

Simon creating that "moment" from the movie Big!

Now that's a lollipop!

 biggest gummy bear ever!

oooh my delicious frozen hot chocolate

Exhausted yet? I will pop up the rest in another post :)

Simone xx

all images my own


  1. Loved this. We had the besets time there 6 years ago. I was pregnant as well! X

  2. Good to hear you had such a wonderful time. Five days only! With all that walking your hubby must have eaten an awful lot to still gain the weight. I can see why. New York is filled with so much excitement and yummy foods. I loved living vicariously through this post. It brought back fond memories of my New York trips.

  3. What an amazing holiday you have been on. I can't wait to read all about the rest of it. Fantastic photo's.

    Kel x

  4. Oh WOW Simone, welcome back! What a whirlwind holiday but it looked absolutely fantastic! Love the pics. Barbie foosball table is something else, how cool :o) All the meals sounded divine. I bet you're ready for another holiday after all that action and excitement in 5 days!? Can't wait to read the next instalment :o) xo

  5. Oh Simone, I LOVE this - thank you. Wow, feel like I was travelling there with you. I know what you mean about pregnancy and shopping - I was pregnant first time we went to Paris and I bought NOTHING.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the story - and see more of these fabulous photos {aren't iPhones the best!}

  6. Gotta love NYC! I can't wait to go back - it's always nice to live vicariously through other people though!

    Sal x

  7. Welcome back Lovely! Looks like you had an awesome time!! NYC sure is an amazing place....and even though I was only there 2 months ago, your photos & this post has made me miss it & want to go back already :)))))

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