Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planning a Party.

I'm planning a party for my mum in November. 
I like to give her a party every 5 years.
 Why wait for those milestone birthdays?  

I planning an outdoor party (the weather hopefully co-operates) at mum's farmhouse, I have added some pics of my inspiration :)

Tables set up outside, buffet tables of food (casual - help yourself) , the karaoke is booked, games set up outside for the kids/young at heart :)

A delicious cocktail is a must!

I definately want to do this photo idea!
 Although mum is 55, still so young!

I think the best part of a party is the planning don't you think?

Do you have any special occasions coming up?

Have a fab day
Simone xx

image sources can be found on my pinterest boards.


  1. I love planning parties too but I always end up making more work for myself :) I had my Cooking Club last week and this weekend is my Breast Cancer fundraiser which probably wasn't too clever considering I'm only a few weeks away from giving birth!! I love all your ideas for your Mum's birthday (my Mum is 55 too!!). It will be lovely with all the ideas you have and especially having it outdoors. Can't wait to see it all come together. Be sure to share your planning with us x

  2. That photo idea is fab and works with any number!!

  3. Ooo I love a party Simone and I have a feeling you would throw a humdinger of a party! Sounds like you've got lovely plans for your Mama, how sweet. And yes, she is VERY young, my Mama is 72... mind you, her approach to life is more like a 40 year old, she's wonderful. Can't wait to hopefully see some pics of the event once it's all over xo

  4. Sounds fabulous! You Mum would love it for sure! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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