Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Perfect Summer Dress?

Loving this dress!
Love the cut, the colours , oh for that waist!

Oh and maybe this one too!

I'm obviously in a pink mood!
Enjoy your Sunday :)

Simone xx

dresses from Cooper St via


  1. Oh I NEED! Love both of these, but that top number has grabbed my mood perfectly today. x

  2. gosh I'm in the mood for pink lately as well! I suppose that's what happens with a house full of boys!

  3. love a hit of pink! Gorgeous, gorgeous x

  4. Oh isn't she an absolute doll in those dresses!? Love both of those looks, just stunning. Yes, a waist AND hips like that wouldn't go astray :o) xo

  5. OMG how tiny is her the length of that skirt though xx


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