Friday, September 9, 2011

My Vintage Mirrors.

Here is a photo of my vintage mirrors FINALLY hung on the wall.
I ONLY bought them about 6 months ago :)

I found them at Neck of the Woods in Manly.

Now that I've seen them up on the wall there is plenty of space for a couple more if I come across some interesting shapes.

How are things at your house? 
Can you hang pictures/mirrors yourself? 
Or are you like me and have to wait for somebody to help you?

Have a gorgeous weekend
Simone xx

image my own.


  1. They look fabulous Simone and I bet you find yourself capturing glimpses of other elements in the room in a fresh way.

    As soon as I saw this glorious image I thought - Wowsers, the space would look amazing with a graphic wallpaper on that wall. Have you ever considered doing something super bold like that?

  2. Oh Simone, that room is just delicious! I love it! The vintage mirrors are superb, so pretty. They remind me of my Nana & Papa's place, they had gorgeous vintage mirrors.
    And yes, I am like you, I need help with hanging pictures, mirrors, anything in a frame... hopeless I tell you ;o) xo

  3. I love that room. Such wonderful warm colours. And great mirrors too.

  4. I've been a fan of this look for awhile. What a beautiful collection of mirrors Simone; and on the wall together they look fantastic!!


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