Friday, September 16, 2011

Lemonade, that cool refreshing drink :)

Finn is dying to do a Lemonade Stand this summer.
It looks like fun, maybe we will give this a try.

Have you tried anything like this before?

Any tips?

Simone xx

image source on my pinterest board


  1. We haven't done it, but my friend Erin did it, and it was a HIT! They went door to door and took it with them. Also, we've had some door to door lemonade come to us. It was so cool!


  2. Oh too sweet but please don't make him wear that nasty yellow bowtie. Sheesh, what are some mothers thinking!?

    If memory serves from my own lemonade stand circa 1979, uou'll need to get him somewhere with lots and lots of foot traffic, otherwise it's booooring. x

  3. Oooh CUTE!!! I love the idea of a 'lemonade stand' and have considered doing one with Ella one day for a bit of fun :)
    Freshly made lemonade is big in USA, and we saw quite a few professional lemonade stands & some 'kid-run' ones too....lots of fun!!

  4. How gorgeous Simone. It's so good as a kid thinking about all types of little business ventures, my neighbours and I used to try and do the same thing... nothing really ever worked though, so I don't have much advice sorry :o/
    There was a fantastic fresh lemonade stand at the festival we went to the other day, it was doing well too! Good luck with it and hope to see some pics if he goes ahead with it xo

  5. Hi, sorry it's been a while. These images are soo cute. Friends children have done the stand before and it was a big hit ... the cute factor really helps. Michelle


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