Friday, September 2, 2011

Party Stuff :)


I came across this fab party site the other day, Invite me.

Love, love, love all the cute little items for a party.
Here are a few of my favourite things :)

Now that Spring is here we have a lot more parties coming up and will be entertaining more. 

I Love the idea of an ice-cream party, those little cups will be perfect!

Do you have any parties planned for the warmer months?

Simone xx


  1. Thanks for the new site, I have a few parties coming up this will be helpful for. Firstly is my Cooking Club on the 10th which I consider a party as I plan and decorated for it just like it was. Then I have my annual Pink Ribbon Fundriaser coming up. Then bub will be here so nothing until Christmas.

    I have some icecream parties saved away, I'd love to do a birthday themed that way for Grace one day.

    Enjoy your end to the week Simone x

  2. Wow!

    Those are really cool party stuff.

    Love the pastel colors ♥

  3. I was just thinking as I was looking through the pics, the icecream cups are my faves :o) What a sweet idea, just gorgeous! Happy Weekend to you Simone and bring on the party season! xo

  4. Hi there simone, i came accross the same site the other day, so gorgeous isnt it? Was just checking out a few sites for a friend of mine who is setting up an invitation business - all in the name of research!!!
    Laura xxx

  5. These are all so cute, perfect for the party season! Melissa x


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