Friday, September 23, 2011

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Do you have any exciting plans?

I think we will just potter around tomorrow , no specific place to be. We have a family lunch on Sunday to celebrate my mother in laws & my sister in laws birthdays.

The boys have gone out to the football tonight to watch the Manly/Brisbane game. Fingers crossed Manly win or I will have one devastated 9 year old! All these boys are obviously getting to me as I'm finding myself actually INTERESTED in who wins!

Also the school holidays have started so I will pop in and out when I can :)

Have a fab weekend.
Go Manly! ;)

Simone xx

image via pinterest


  1. Gorgeous pic Simone... almost Lady GaGa-esque ;o)
    So pleased you will have a happy 9 year old after tonight's game. Hope the rest of your weekend is equally as triumphant :o) xo

  2. Enjoy your weekend and the holidays! love your happy weekend messages :)

  3. Enjoy your time with the boys this school holidays :) Have a great weekend Lovely!

  4. Hope you had a lovely weekend & this rain goes away for the school holidays. My husband is also a very happy Manly fan!!!

  5. Oh I just love that image! Sorry I haven't commented for a while. Blogger is finally letting me! xx

  6. Hi Simone,oohhh love your blog and congratulations on baby no.3! I know all about nausea so feeling for you and hope it settles soon! Thanks for stopping by my newbie blog!x


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