Friday, August 5, 2011


In the spirit of Jeans for Genes day, I thought I would share some pics of my favourite item of clothing.  
I live in jeans! 
Here are some gorgeous images from the Sartorialist.

I've got a busy weekend coming up (I'll probably be wearing jeans)
We have the usual sport on Saturday followed by Finn's 9th Birthday party with his friends on Saturday night. 

I have outsourced the party to "Big Blast" - a kind of playcentre for older kids, so I just rock up with a cake and take photos. 
Too easy!!

Sunday is the birthday lunch with family followed by a trip to Brooky Oval to watch Finn's beloved Manly play.

 Can't believe my baby is 9!

It has also just occurred to me that I have to make 2 bday cakes plus cupcakes for school on Monday. Better get the cake books out!

Have a wonderful weekend

Simone xx

all images via the sartorialist


  1. I too live in jeans! They are just too versatile to not receive their rightful place in my wardrobe!

    I hope Finn's birthday is lots of fun. Finn is on our short list of baby names for when the time comes -- such a great name!

    Sal x

  2. A busy weekend for you Simone! Happy birthday to Mr 9, and well done on the outsourcing. Very sensible :)

  3. I love jeans too - that second pair are gorgeous - pity all I can fit into at the moment are maternity jeans :) Sounds like a busy weekend ahead for you - sending big birthday hugs to the birthday boy xx

  4. Sounds like lots of baking ahead Simone...Happy Birthday to little ..or should I say..Big Finn..hope all goes well over the weekend and the weather is glorious x

  5. Ooo what an exciting weekend you have lined up Simone! Hope your little guy has a lovely birthday, sounds like a 2 day extravaganza :o) Great that you have only the cake responsibilities to worry about.
    Love your denim pics... jeans really are the best fashion invention ever! :o) xo

  6. I live in my jeans too! Love them. For me, they are far more comfortable than trackies.
    Hope the birthday celebrations go well. Enjoy all that cooking. Cake cooking is my favourite! :)

  7. Love jeans & The Sartorialist...we must be soul sisters :) Happy Birthday to Finn!

  8. happy bday to your little one simone!! isnt the cupcake thing for school a little annoying? I would prefer just to take one cake - easier for me, but they just dont seem to allow it any more!! love your jeans pics. Have a great weekend! Laura x

  9. What a busy one! Hope the party goes well and enjoy lunch tomorrow. Will call my Bday nephew in the morning xxxx


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