Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Finn!

Wishing my beautiful boy a Happy 9th Birthday today.
My, how time flies!

Baby you are such a sweet, gorgeous boy.
 The best big brother I have ever seen and fantastic company and shopping partner. 
(he loves to shop!)

Finn's party was fantastic last night and today will be shared with family.

He wanted an ice cream cake so this reminded me of him. 
Blue or Green icing instead perhaps?

Simone xx


  1. Happy, happy birthday !!!!!!!! x

  2. Happy birthday Finn. Have a great day! I love the look of that cake :)

  3. Happy Birthday Finn! You look like a very cool boy, hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. The cake picture is fantastic! Rachaelx

  4. You can tell by Finn's face what a gorgeous boy he is - what a stunning smile!! Glad he enjoyed his special day. That cake looks yummy, especially the frosting, my favourite part :)

  5. Oh happy birthday, Finn! What a beaming smile for your mum - no wonder she loves you to bits! J x

  6. Happy Birthday!! love that cake! hope you all have a lovely day. xx

  7. Oh Happy Birthday Finn! He is a gorgeous boy Simone... and a shopper, WOW, I love that! I hope my boys will still shop with me when they're a bit older, they're pretty good at it now :o) xo

  8. What a spunky little man he is!
    Happy birthday Finn.

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Hope he had an awesome day xo

  10. Love that cake idea! Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy. Look at those dimples!

  11. Hope your gorgeous boy had a fabulous birthday - and a serving of that CAKE! Divine!


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