Friday, July 1, 2011

What is your ideal Escape?

Sitting here today in this cold weather, the first thing that springs to mind when I think of escape is the thought of sitting somewhere lovely and warm :)

But sometimes life doesn't provide this luxury!

So I have found my own little escapes closer to home......

You can't beat a night out dancing with the girls. A drink, a chat and a dance is the perfect escape! 

Although the boys and I have been known to turn our lounge room into a "disco". They especially love dancing to the Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling..." and I was considered veeerrrry cool the other day when I performed and taught Finn the "running man". Apparently some kids were doing it at the school disco last Friday and he couldn't believe I knew the moves ;) BTW, can you believe the "running man" is still around!

I also love escaping into a different world through reading. 
Ahhh my geeky book worm side is coming out!

I love losing myself in someone else's world for a while. At the moment I am rereading some books from school. Remember Seven Little Australians and The Harp in the South? I found them in the orange Penguin Classics and had to snap them up for my new bookshelves :) Any other book recommendations out there? 

Water is also a wonderful escape for me. Whether it is my bath at night (no, mummy can't hear you!) or swimming, being surrounded by water is so peaceful and calming.

But the best escape for me is the break from routine. There is something about the school term and all the extra curricular activities that is really tiring! School holidays start this afternoon and I can't wait for those leisurely mornings where there is no scramble to be out the door and at school by 9. We have some loose plans but we're playing it all by ear. Bliss!

I'd love to hear how you escape when that holiday is just out of reach? Is change just as good as a holiday?

Simone xx

This post was written as part of the Kidspot and Win a Ford Territory Challenge.

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  1. Oh, 7 little australians.... I had forgotten all about that charming book. I seem to also remember it was a tv series...or a drama on the ABC? Any penguin book with an orange spine is a good read, I reckon.

  2. oh a night out dancing and drinking with the girls would be wonderful! Sitting on the couch this afternoon, hoping the boys have a BIG LONG sleep so I can rest (think I'm starting to get a bit of a flu...)

  3. Hi Simone - long time reader, first time commenter.

    I highly recommend Come in Spinner by Ruth Park. You are a bit younger than I am, so you may not remember the mini series that was made from this book that starred (amongst others) Rebecca Gibney. It's a great read.


  4. Great post Simone - there's nothing like escaping with a good book. I haven't read one for a while that I can't put down (I too am re-reading a classic at the moment - Little Women). I remember loving 7 Little Australians as a girl, I want to read The Secret Garden again soon too. Escaping in the bath is also a wonderful relaxing choice. I find 'escaping' to the shops for a bit of a browse therapeutic too :)

  5. I love your images ♥

    I want to be on a secluded island,
    with a lovely bungalow
    and luxurious spa.

  6. The images on your post were enough for me to have a mini-escape, especially the first one. I love beautiful pictures. Otherwise I escape through music, especially soundtracks from my favourite movies eg: Serendipity, or though my all time favourite dvds ie: Anne of Green Gables, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice. I love books from my favourite authors but have little time to read lately. If I could they'd include Jane Austen, Nick Hornby, Bill Bryson, Joanne Harris and Tracy Chevalier.

  7. If your asking me tonight - my ideal escape is anywhere away from the children! After a week of holidays and lots of play dates they are a little over excited, not even my glass of wine helped tonight.
    Just added you to my favourites on facebook too. love your prints. Michelle

  8. Thanks for the escape Simone I have had a crap week & it was nice to go to someone elses world. Nothing geeky about being a bookworm. I tried to build a library for me in my own house. How nerdy am I? Great Post xx

  9. What a great post Simone... all of these escapes sound ideal to me!
    In terms of holiday escapes... I love anywhere tropical. A beach, a comfy cabin or resort, plenty of tasty food and drink AND the ones I love. Perfect!
    I am most partial to a night out with the girl's also... more of a mini escape, but an escape nonetheless :o) xo
    P.S. Running Man is timeless I am thinking... how awesome we get to be 'cool' with the kids as a result ;o)


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