Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Social Week!

Isn't it funny how some weeks you don't have anything on socially and then everything comes at once?

This week, as well as being the school holidays (so my days are extra full!) we have friends coming over for dinner tonight with their kids. 

I'm catching up with an old school friend on Wednesday that I haven't seen in 17 years! (can that be right? I left school in 1994! oh my god I feel old!) We have caught up on facebook of course but I am soooo looking forward to seeing her face to face :)

Then on Friday I am flying to Melbourne with the other Top 5 Bloggers in the Kidspot/Ford Territory competition for a spot of  lunch and a car show! It feels so weird to being doing something like that because of this little blog. I will be really putting myself out of my comfort zone as I am so shy! 

But this year is all about trying new things and surrounding myself with wonderful, positive people.

How about you? 

Do you socialise much in Winter or do you hibernate and come out in the Spring?

Simone xx

image via cocokelley.blogspot.com


  1. Hi Simone, enjoy your adventure to Melbourne, bring warm clothes.x

  2. Oh congratulations on the top 5, yahoo!! Good luck!! School holidays, still a few days away for us in Canberra, mind you, it's blowing a gale so kind of happy we're not at home when we can barely go to the letterbox without blowing away. Enjoy your friends - i left school in 1992 (way older than you) & pow, there are 2 of us with high schoolers but so many of my friends still haven't had any children. Have a fabulous reunion, love Posie

  3. Sounds like a week full of lots of good things!
    the bloggers trip to melbourne sounds like lots of fun! make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes, it has been freezing here!
    Enjoy xx

  4. Oooo some wonderful socialising in that bunch Simone. How exciting you are being flown to Melbourne, very best of luck with it, if anything it will just be lovely to be treated to something special. And I can SO believe you being involved in something like that for this blog :o)
    Hope you enjoyed all your catch up's xo


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