Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ready for Colour!

I'm loving all of these colour combos right now.
Lurrrrve the colour blocking!
Another sign that I'm OVER Winter and ready for another season.

I'm at home enjoying the peace and quiet today, the kids have gone back to school and I might even pop out to have a browse around the shops.
Just because I can :)

Enjoy your day
Simone xx

images are from my pinterest board


  1. GASP! that colour IS AMAZIINGGGGGGGGG! bring. on. summer.

  2. Happy wednesday simone!! gorgeous colours there! cant wait for summer!
    Laura xx

  3. Oh don't you love embracing the housewife status!! We're still on school holidays but my eldest can 'watch' the younger ones so i can still gym & grocery shop solo if i wish, but i don't, i use it as an opportunity to have one on one with each child. Loving the colours, i just need the thighs to pull off those pretty 'look at mey fabulous legs' style of jeans/ pants/ bottoms. Love Posie

  4. I often wish I had the guts to pull off a colour clash like the chick in the first photo... I really love her look.
    But must say I can't wait for the new season colours too! I love the spring/summer ranges :o)
    Hope you managed to find some lovely little treats for yourself on your shopping expedition xo


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