Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please mum, can we keep him? - the Ford Territory

I have had the fantastic experience of driving the new Ford Territory around for the last 4 weeks and I can honestly say I don't want to give it back!!!

It is an amazing family car that has suited us right down to a tee! I wanted to share with you all the bits that I loved about this gorgeous car.

First up I loved the colour of the car (is that such a "girl" thing to say?). I had the Ford Territory Titanium version.
It was a sexy, glossy black with tinted windows and shiny alloy wheels. Inside had creamy leather seats and a dashboard full of buttons and gadgety things. If I'm constantly playing "mum's taxi" I want to look good doing it!

The car had so much leg room and space for the kids and their friends, 7 seats all up! Plenty of room for school bags, handbags , jumpers, umbrellas and everything else that finds it's way to the floor of the car!  

There was also so much boot space, oooh the luxury! Perfect for the surfboards, scooters, skateboards, 2 x folding chairs for football, pram, groceries and shopping bags I'm always ferrying around. 

We adored the DVD player for the kids in the back. 
The headphones were a novelty for the boys and even the short school run necessitated a dvd! Sometimes Jasper wouldn't want to get out of the car as he wanted to stay in and finish watching his dvd :)

Finn loved hooking up his ipod and sharing his music with the rest of the car. My Adele CD got quite a work out this month in the CD player. I had access to all the controls on my steering wheel so there was no leaning over to turn up the volume or skip certain tracks. I also loved having my phone hooked up to blue tooth.
Little luxuries I know but they were definately ones we appreciated!

Some of the other features I also loved were .....

*the diesel engine. It sounds fabulous and gave a great Vroooom every time I took off! Plus it reduces CO2 emissions so it is a bit greener and better for the environment. I also loved that a tank of fuel lasted me FOREVER. I literally only filled up once. My husband couldn't get over the fact that you could do so many km's on one tank!

*digital speedometer - so basic but a good visual reminder of your speed and to check the speed limit!

*single zone air-conditioning system - both the passenger and driver could control their own sides and set the temp to their liking.

*the Navigation system was easy to use and follow even for someone like me who is a bit map challenged at times!

*the reverse camera felt like that bit of added safety. The beeps cautioned you if anything was behind you and the really fast beeps   advised me how close I came to hitting the pylon at the local shopping centre! Must work on my reverse parking!

see how it matches my garage perfectly? :)

*Other standard features like the ABS brakes, driver & passenger plus side curtain airbags and the electric power assisted steering were fantastic and made me feel really safe.

I truly did love this car and would honestly recommend it as a wonderful family car. So much space, technology and the quality of everything was so high and reliable. 

It drove like a dream not to mention it looks very cool!

So please, please, please can we keep it?!

I still have the car until the 17th July so I am going to squeeze in a 7hr road trip to visit some family in Griffith.
 Can't wait to travel in luxury!

What do you think?
Could you see yourself cruising around in one of these?
What colour would you choose? ;)

Simone xx

This post was the last part of the Kidspot/Win a Ford Territory Challenge.


  1. oh man, your comment over at my place made me giggle.

    Yes, the territory!! Winner winner. I hope it has 7 seats. We were tossing up between the territory and the kluger... they are both excellent, especially with the luxury features!

    xo em

  2. How fantastic Simone and what a great post. I hope you can keep it too! Enjoy your road trip. xx

  3. I agree! It's a gorgeous car! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  4. You definitely seem head over heels! We have a Toyota Prado, and it's a great family car too. It's nice being up high to drive.

  5. Lucky enough to buy a titanium petrol 3 weeks ago. Agree with everything you've said and it's such a comfortable ride!! Love it!!

  6. It looks like a fabulous car, Simone, I really hope you get to keep it x

  7. You do look fabulous in it too. Enjoy your road trip.x

  8. Cute photos Simone, I enjoyed these very much.
    Oh, I can DEFINITELY see myself and my boys cruising around in one of those. In fact, I have had my eye on this car for a few years. We are in need of an upgrade (badly) within the next year. I have always owned Fords, currently in a Ford Fiesta... which I love... but is getting way too squishy for my 'growing' family. I found this post excellent, as I can't ask enough about this particular car, so it's great to get a real review :o)
    Very best of luck in keeping that stealth looking baby... and enjoy the rest of your time with it! :o) xo

  9. ohhhhh nice! i was almost going to wait to buy the new territory but I need to get a few more kids out of their carseats first! looks gorgeous and suits you:)


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