Monday, July 18, 2011

Pin Happy!

I had some time to indulge in some Pinterest over the weekend. *sigh*
Here are a few pins I thought I'd share with you :)

I love this idea for a photo! Instructions are have your camera around your neck on timer.
Will definately try this with Jasper. 
Finn is getting much to big to swing around!

This asparagus will be a side to one of our dinners this week. Olive oil, salt and pepper. 
I probably won't use as much salt as they have!

This reminds me of the bargain I found at Vinnies the other week. Although I got buyers remorse (I couldn't think where to put it and it needed some work & time!) and changed my mind. Now I'm wondering should I have kept it?!

This was a reminder to organise catch ups with friends. Jill, Belinda, Kylie and Kylee I will call you today :)

This giant peanut butter cup is what I will be making Simon for his birthday on Saturday. 
He is a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter :)

And my last picture was just for it's prettiness, although I do want to buy some flowers today.
I am really hankering for Spring!

If you want to follow me on Pinterest or find the sources of these pics you can find them here

Happy Monday!

Simone xx


  1. Love this collection. Will have to add them to my collection haha! N x

  2. love the pics Simone,the first image is just gorgeous i love black & white photos, as always i adore your weekly finds:) i am already following your gorgeous boards :) xx

  3. I love the last one. I'm so hankering for Spring too! Let's have 1.5 months of winter and 4.5 months of Spring!

  4. Hi Simone- I must say thank you for that peanut butter cup idea :P It looks so delicious. Love the photos on your Pinterest too. In a future H&F blog, can you tell us how you stumble onto all of these beautiful photos you post here and on your Pinterest? I wonder if it's way beyond a Google Images job ;)
    Kates xx

  5. I've missed your gorgeous space Simone! Congrats on your people's choice award; love the rose door way; love the books (of course); and gorgeous pictures above too. You're right, some flowers are much needed here too... gxo

  6. Great post Simone, those peanut butter cups look so good. I love them. would love that catch up. :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous collection. The peanut cups - oh dear me, utterly decadent x

  8. Seeing those chocolate and peanut butter cups... my mouth actually watered... I'm serious! :o)
    I love all those pics, but especially that last one... I am calling out for Spring right now, so totally relate to needing flowers in the house xo


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