Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo ideas :)

I love coming across inspiration for taking photos. 
I am by no means a great photographer but I love taking snaps of my family.
Here are some ideas I love :)

I love this idea. Take an umbrella and jump!

I really want to take more photos with myself and the boys.
I'm usually behind the camera :)

I REALLY want to do this sparkler shot!

And it would be lovely to have more snaps of Simon and myself.

I came across this book the other day. 
Has anyone read it? Any good ideas?

So are you snap happy with your family?
Are you always behind the camera?

Simone xx

all images via my pinterest boards


  1. I prefer to be behind the camera and then complain there is no pictures of me hehe

  2. Definately become more snap happy post kids. I love capturing the love between the 4 of us and LOVE as many pics up around the house as possible!

  3. Maybe that's another first world problem - not having enough time to take photos! I watched a doco on Barack Obama at the White House and each President has a personal photographer following them around capturing candid moments. That's what we need, some of the shots are just amazing! Hope your hubby is feeling ok and enjoyed his birthday. And congratulations on your win in the Kidspot thing! Very exciting and very well deserved, I love your blog. Rachaelx

  4. I have all these pics saved. I found them a while ago. They are just darling. I have the book. It's awesome.
    Have a look at it next time I see you x

  5. I don't take anywhere close to enough photos, now that Miss 5 is at school. If I do, they are usually cruddy iphone snaps.

  6. Loving all of those pics Simone. I totally agree about taking more pics with the boys... as Mama's we rarely get to be in the shots with our little ones, it's something we need to really focus on doing more often.

  7. Love the mother and daughter one. I'd love a photo like that of me and my little girl.

  8. Some gorgeous ideas there Simone. Love it... gxo


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