Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Orange Juice.

It really hit home to me over the weekend how "citified" my kids are!
We went to visit my mum, (who has recently moved back to her childhood country town) and the highlight of the weekend for the boys was making orange juice :)

They novelty of walking into the orchard and picking the oranges was fantastic! They collected them and brought them inside to squeeze. It made my heart melt to see how much they loved the simple things.

I had to laugh later in the day though when Finn took out his ipod touch to take a picture of a peacock. You can take the kid out of the city.......

The trip also brought home to me that even though I love the idea of a country life, I am a city girl through and through! 

But now that mum is living her country life, I am always up for a visit :)

How about you?
Country or City girl?

Simone xx

all photos taken by me. The first ones are through the windows. It was too cold for me to go outside!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful weekend. I was born in the country and lived there until I was 10yrs then my parents move to the eastern suburbs, Melbourne. I wish I could move back to the country, but my hubby doesn't share the same dream.

  2. Oh i grew up in a gorgeous part of Sydney (St Ives) & know we could never buy back in, not that we want to return to Sydney. The Army has taken us to Darwin & Canberra, we're settling in Canberra as we're now high school parents (the business end of education). To save us from mortgage stress & putting us into early retirement, we're heading out to the country, on 100 acres for space for our 4 athletic children, with the benefit of city private schools, BEST of both worlds i assure you. We buy 10kg of oranges each fortnight & squeeze them up (in the KitchenAid food processor, it's fantastic) & i swear it keeps us so healthy, with about 4 lemons & a lime for good measure. An orchard, wow, we can do olives but i think it's too cold in Bungendore for oranges. We will have a green house though, my children were all born in the tropics, they insist on growing our own mangoes & avocadoes. Dream is getting closer each day, love Posie

  3. Griffith and it's famous oranges! Fresh squeezed is best.
    I'm definitely city.

  4. freshly squeezed yummo.......i have to say i'm a beach girl, i'd live anywhere there was a beach, i do like where we live it is a 35-40 min drive to {chadstone - fashion capital} and 50min drive to the city.....so when i want a city fix i can.......so can i say a mixture?????

  5. I grew up in Balmain but am now at Rylstone. I'm 50/50. Love and dislike things about both of them. Wherever my family is means home to me x

  6. With construction outside and renovations overhead - the joys of apartment living - I am especially longing for cleaner, quieter, crisper air right about now. But I suspect that once I had my fix, I think I wouldn't know what to do with all that quiet. Having said that, I would love my kids to experience more than just living in a box so the lure of a country retreat to expose them to more than concrete and construction might give them the chance to stomp in muddy puddles and chase butterflies.

  7. sounds like you had a great weekend :)..i'm more of a city girl but i do love to get away to the country now and then for a "holiday" only xx

  8. Oh how lovely, an orange orchard! Squeezing oranges is a fun thing to do, I used to enjoy doing that as a kid too. I'm definitely a city girl... I love the country, but only to visit, I'm always far more at home in the city. I do like being close to the coast though... so city/coastal gal maybe ;o)


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