Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new local favourite.

After hearing Sal talk about this place at Once. Daily. Chic I knew that I definately wanted to check it out. 

It is coveniently located just around the corner from my husbands office in Mona Vale so I thought I would meet Sime for lunch yesterday and check out Armchair Collective.

my delish fruit frappe ( love the bottle!)

loved these glasses

There was such a buzz around the place, it was packed on a Tuesday lunch time. I think Simon was one of only 3 men in the place (not including staff), definately a place for the girls to catch up!

loved the vintage cash register!

fancy some water for you table? 
Just fill up a carafe from this beautiful tap :)

I loved the combination of cafe and homewares and the stylish touches were fantastic.

And of course I couldn't go home empty handed :) 
This jar had to come with me!

I just loved it! Thanks Sal, for the tip! 

So do you have a favourite local shop or cafe that you always go back too?

Simone xx

all images snapped on my iphone


  1. HOW GOOD IS IT!!!! I did manage to come home empty handed but am going back there with my mum for lunch next weekend for a bit of a wedding planning session - dont know if ill be able to conrol myself second time around! :)

  2. LOVE your jar!! Grace and I always head to a cute little place called 'Hubbles Yard' which we love but the other day it was busy so we stopped at a new cafe called 'Blend' and it reminds me of your new fave above - very eclectic interior inside (very good for playing I Spy with Grace!!) but unlike your great find, nothing was for sale at this one.

  3. Want to go tomorrow? Text me. I've been wanting to go for ages.

  4. What a delightful find. My bestie and I would be in heaven there... now what to do with our 4 children (combined), Hmmm! ;o)
    Sounds like you had a lovely time being all girly. Great shots too! xo

  5. I'm already reaching for the credit card.. totally going there once we're settled! :) x


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