Monday, June 20, 2011

The Style File. This is me.

Evolving  mother   blogger   hugs  inspired green tea  ballet slippers  heart   family  optimist   shy  but getting braver  friend  art  cotton sheets sunshine finn  trampolines  jeans  comfort  a million books to read  squishy pillows  kisses  memories  coconut body-wash neat  pretty things  home  comfy slippers  vodka lime and soda  cheesecake jasper iphone beach holidays  magazine addict  lover  laughter  shopping   bicycles owls  confident homemade pizzas intelligent dancer  home is my sanctuary  peonies coffee table books scented candles notebooks sunday drives coco chanel byron bay bubble baths jane austen paris popcorn walks  hammocks cocktails  banana bread  puppies babies in pyjamas raspberries
snuggles with my boys  iced coffee kate moss  happiness architecture long lunches washing drying in the sun chocolate icecream typography  neutrals photo walls scarves cushions white chesterfields leopard print necklaces  simon entertaining family and friends spring bbqs
swimming in our backyard pool vintage cutlery stamps  
Mor Marshmallow reality tv new york new york faded beach towels cute stationery  lazy days love love love weekends in a hotel chandeliers afternoon siestas strawberry lip balm daydreams

So this is me, this is my style. 
Ever evolving, ever changing but the core values remain. 

What are a few words to sum up your style?

Simone xx

PS - This post was written as part of the Kidspot/Ford Blogging Challenge. 


  1. What a fun post. I see lots and lots of words I'd like too. Isn't the Mor marshmallow scent divine? Have a lovely week x

  2. nice words..
    me? coastal creative dreamer
    cheryl x

  3. You are just one delicious cocktail of loveliness! ; ) x

  4. Fab post Simone. I'm with you on many of your loves here... owls, family & friends, cocktails, spring, arvo siestas, cheesecake, banana bread, babies in PJ's, to name a few.
    Couple of words to describe my style would be, colourful, feminine, high heels, classic xo


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