Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Loveliness

I have decided to use some of my lovely pics that I have been storing in my blog folder for a while now.

imagine getting married here!

Love these cake toppers.

a cute idea :)


dresses from asos

love this bar trolley.

bathing beauty

Fabulous photo of Mark Tuckey and family.

So there you go, lots of random loveliness.
I do regularly clean out my blog folders. My photos probably only date to a year or so ago.
How long have you held on to pictures in your blog file?
Are you waiting for a special post to use them in?

Have a wonderful day
Simone xx

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  1. beautiful images that warm the heart and make me smile xo

  2. Love those freckle edged glasses - what a cute idea! And love those dresses. I have way too many images saved in my bloggy folder too, must have a browse through them soon. Enjoy your day x

  3. I agree with Amanda! Have put the freckle milk into the party file idea!
    Do love the dancers point as well!

  4. Gorgeous collection! Keep em' coming x

  5. Oh WOWzers! What a feast for the eyes this lot is.
    Love the sprinkles around the rim of the glass.
    Those pins on that ballet dancer... Whoa!
    Adore each of those dresses from asos.
    And a gorgeous bathing beauty, awesome shot!
    Thanks for that hit of loveliness Simone :o) xo


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