Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June already + a photography challenge.

Can you believe it is June already!
This year is flying by.
For something different this month, I have decided to take part in a photography challenge set up by and I had seen that Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim and other bloggers were taking part in. 
I'm only an amateur when it comes to photography but it sounds like fun and an opportunity to use and explore my new camera a bit more. Something else to add to the day!

 I think I will share my pics on Twitter(honey and fizz) and via Flickr (where the group is set up). 
Maybe I will pop some here too.

Anyhoo a pinch and punch for the first of the month and all that!
Simone xx

image via

Feel free to join in. 


  1. Sounds like fun Simone... I'm looking forward to seeing the results. gxo

  2. sounds like fun, id love to join in, maybe next time :)

  3. What a great challenge- enjoy doing it! xx

  4. Yay- just figured out how to get round the problem of not leaving a comment! x

  5. I'm going to join you Simone! x


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