Friday, June 3, 2011

A Bathroom Renovation.

My friend is planning a bathroom renovation and wanted to get some ideas and advice from myself and you lovely, knowledgable bloggers out there :)

They are a family of 5 (3 kids 8,5 and 5mths) so it will have to entail a shower, bath, loo etc.

image of my dream bathroom

My dream bathroom would include:
*double sinks
* long counter top
*gorgeous, big mirror,
*lots of storage space
*somewhere to keep towels rolled up
*white, white and white
*if I had to add some colour, maybe a neutral grey or beige
*a bath, separate shower with frameless glass screen,loo
*a fabulous light fitting, maybe a chandelier?!
*pretty finishing touches on the counter like the 1st pic

I think it is important to have a neutral bathroom so it doesn't date as quickly.
I  know Jess would like something natural and maybe with pebbles.
Either floor or walls? Do any of you have experience with that?
Are they a nightmare to clean?

What are your prerequisites for a perfect bathroom?
Any brands you love? What is the perfect tap/shower head?
I'd love your input and I know Jess would too :)

Have a gorgeous day!
Simone xx

images via pinterest


  1. her bad looks very classy! very, very nice! greetings angie

  2. All our bathrooms are white, floors, sinks, wall tiles, bench tops. I've added pink touches to the girls bathroom which can easily be changed and silver to the ensuite. We have double sinks in both and in the ensuite a double shower which is brilliant. The shower heads are adjustable because I don't like getting my hair wet at night! In the main bathroom... a separate shower and bath so when extra kids come to stay they can be split between the two at the same time! Pebbles are easy to clean with a nail brush and some jif. gxo

  3. My advice is to get taps that are attached to the wall not the sink top if that makes sense. Kids are messy and this helps with no water pooling around the base of the taps etc.. I have it in our bathroom and love them. Also don't get the rain water shower heads - hate them! They look great but are totally impractical. No experience with pebbles sorry. Good luck to your friend Simone! ;-)

  4. We renovated our ensuite a while back and I stuck to neutral colours too so I could easily change colour with accessories if need be. Our wall tiles are white and the floor ones charcoal grey. I'm not happy with our light grey grout though which goes dark when wet - maybe tell your friend to look into 'grout sealer'. As for shower heads and taps, ours are pretty simple designs but I love them all. We have a frameless shower screen, I think in a family bathroom I'd prefer something a little sturdier though but love it in our ensuite as it creates that continuous look.

  5. All for the no water pooling issues around taps, i want ours attached to the wall too. As we're slowly putting our homestead idea together, we need 3 bathrooms: indulgent ensuite, bathroom for 4 teenagers, guest bathroom suitable for elderly parents we might inherit. They are all going to be very different. If i was starting with new babies again, i'd go a shower room & for the novelty, a urinal (a pretty one if you can imagine). I still like the idea of a urinal, something Euro chic hotel lobby bathroom like - as we'll be on our own water & tipping 3 girls will flush it all away!! Maybe boy's aim will improve??
    Advice we're getting - go to show homes & see what you can imagine, live with, what works, then ask a plumber to ruin your dreams with a sensible lay out. I can't do pebbles, or anything trendy, keep it simple, whites, blues, neutrals, you can do whacky colours with the towels if you're that way inclined.
    My dream is a deep bath, narrow but deep!! Love Posie

  6. Ah, in our last place, our bathroom had natural pebble flooring in the shower recess. It was BEAUTIFUL! Felt so soft and smooth under foot. Wasn't too much of a bugger to clean. It was definitely one of the best features of the bathroom. It was also white and had a huge mirror, which was my personal touch to it :o)
    Our bathroom now is dark and not what I would choose, but it's ok for the time being. I like a separate shower and bath, but ours has the shower over the bath. If your girlfriend has room to play with, I'd suggest keeping them separate.
    Your dream bathroom sounds bang on for me too! xo

  7. I think your list is perfect and would be my list for an ideal bathroom as well. Pebbles look great but they may make the bathroom date rather than if it was white, white, white. Ange

  8. I haven't thought of renovating my bathroom because (1) A renovation is stressful and (2) It kinda hurts the budget, but when my wife saw this picture, she said otherwise. I can't blame because it really looks stunning and comfortable. Anyway I know this is late, but may I ask if your friend pursued to have this kind of bathroom? -->Ryann Hoyer @

  9. That's one of the fanciest bathrooms I've pictured in my mind, but I guess that applies to most of “dream bathrooms”. What have your friend decided about the bathroom renovation? I think what would be best for them depends on situation. Like, how old are their kids? If they are toddlers or in the range of age where they love to draw or paste stickers anywhere, I don't think white walls would be a good idea. Arthur


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