Saturday, May 14, 2011

A weekend away!

I'm so excited for this weekend!
Hubby and I are off on a weekend away, not too far away mind you!
 Just over the Bridge but I can't wait to do all those things that I never get a chance to do during our busy weekends!

Hmmm what to do first?! I reread this post here, to refresh myself on all those shops I want to browse. Maybe a couple of markets thrown in. Cocktails here, (I love the styling!)lunch maybe here, a dinner here or here. A pitt stop here. 
We are staying near here.

Maybe I could fit in a bit more shopping here and here (I'm loving Well, I don't know how I will fit it all in but I need to have options!

Anyhoo that's me for the weekend, how about you?
What are you up to?

Simone xx

As you know I am in the running for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competition. You can read one of my challenges here. Love to hear your opinion and what drives you!

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  1. Oooohhhh, I am jealous, Simone :) Have a wonderful time, would love to hear all about it next week.

    Katena x

  2. Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you are going to be very busy having fun! ;-)

  3. Oh have a blast, my husband is coming home, yahoo!! I have 9 whole days with him, we have parent teacher interviews, 4 chilren running cross country, will be the most lovely parenty type of week. Dashing to Sydney tomorrow, secretly want to skip the parents & in-laws to go shopping, look around, do things with just MY family & then home again, to snuggle down for a -6C Sunday night, brrrr, love Posie

  4. Sounds fabulous, have a lovely weekend.x


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