Friday, May 6, 2011

Stylish Mummy's :)

My friend Jess is one of those mums who oozes style. 
It's not contrived or over styled, it's just effortlessly cool.

Jess is a mum of 3, a wife  and runs her own business Visual Styling. She is also attended RAFW this week! I thought I would ask her a few questions to get an insight into a life of a Stylish Mummy :) 

This is a new series I will be doing , interviewing mums on all different subjects.

ice-cream time with Jack and Lily

I would describe my style as....... my style is all about how I'm feeling. If I'm tired and emotional it reflects with black and draped styles with detached and floaty styling- on the other hand if I'm feeling amazingly happy, like the world is full of colour I dress in things that create confidence but hopefully still have taste and style. Vintage mixed with my favourite Aussie labels  

My style icon is ....... Julia Roberts- purely for her elegance.

I get my fashion ideas from........ the streets! I love people watching, it's my favourite pass time. The best trait a woman possesses is the appreciation of another woman. For example- a stylish and confident girl walks into a bar and all the women in the room turn to look at her and pass comments amongst themselves- it's almost always positive and appreciative  - we collaborate together in a way only women know. It's like a club, a secret one. 

My favourite fashion blog/website is......... Sue-Ann and Rachel are truly dedicated style junkies!

My essential winter fashion purchase would be....... well.. it's leopard. Always has been! Something about a good animal print that is timeless and stylish and a little bit kinky! But day to day I LOVE over-sized slouchy tops (3 kids will do that to you) with tights and flat boots- stock standard, get dressed with your eyes clothes type stuff!

My daily look is.......See above- Oops! note to self- read ahead before answering!

At home. Yum!
My signature scent is...... Body Shop Vanilla concentrated oil 

I like clothes that are........ Comfortable!! If you feel weird and uncomfortable at home in the mirror, times that feeling by 10 and that's how you will feel in public. You have got to have faith in your outfit no matter the occasion.

My favourite designers are........Ahhhh! I LOVE Manning Cartell, Alice Mccall, One Teaspoon, Camilla and Marc, Bec & Bridge, stylestalker... The list is never ending... Aussie designers are meeting all our expectations.. why go else where! 

I feel naked without...... my children-(Lily, Jack and Macy), it's the reason my heart beats with a smile!- and sadly my iphone-I love being organised and contactable at all times. Socialising is my favourite past time!

Alex , Macy and Jess 

Thanks so much for taking part in my interview Jess! 

A little more info below on Visual Styling :- 
You can join their facebook page for updates on the latest fashions,inspirations and gorgeous pics!

Visual Styling

I established Visual Styling 18 months ago to assist fashion brands with their visual interpretation within department stores.

I achieve this by merchandising in 4-6 stores weekly, restocking, communicating with management and sustaining relationships needed to assist the Brand growing within stores.

I relay information about new styles, deliveries received and equip staff on the floor with the necessary tools to ensure optimum sell through for my brands.

Each Brand receives a detailed... (read more)
Mimosa, GRAB, Phyllis Boho, Mink and Riche

Have a wonderful day
Simone xx


  1. What an adorable friend you Jess's style and outlook on life ..a great read lovely..thank you for sharing x

  2. Thanks for her style!

  3. Great style! I love the body shop Vanilla oil - All the boys usualy ask if you have been baking when you wear it lol XX Samie


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