Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some recipes I want to try :)

I'm always on the look out for new recipes. 
I have cookbooks galore and tear outs from magazines piled high! 
These two recipes caught my eye this week :-

These savoury tomato, basil and cheese tarts I saw on Pinterest but I've forgotten the link so don't have the recipe but I'm sure I can wing it!

This will be perfect as an afternoon snack for the boys when they come home from school as they are always STARVING! 
 They would also be perfect for in the lunch-box too :)

Dinner tonight is this stuffed Calamari that Louise from Table Tonic had for dinner the other night!
A little bit weird to have a peek into their kitchen and think yum, I'll have that too!!

Have you come across any new recipes lately? 
What's for dinner tonight?

Have a gorgeous day
Simone xx


  1. Oh yum, you are making me hungry! ;-)

  2. oh I want to come to your place for dinner!!! will be in Sydney at the beginning of June....save me a piece? :oP

  3. Oh yes, I saw that stuffed calamari as well... yum! gxo

  4. Those little tarts would be excellent. I do a ham, fetta and basil version with the bread cases that the kids devour for lunch.

    Fish and salad for dinner tonight. So unexciting. x

  5. The Silver Fox would love stuffed calamari!!!! They look divine...

  6. Yummy! Wish you lived closer so you could join my Cooking Club :)

  7. yum they both look Delicious xx


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