Monday, May 30, 2011

Reminiscing.... my first car.

So, I just had to share with you all that I have made the Top 5 in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Competition!
 You should have heard my squeals last night after I read the email! Ford is loaning me one of their new Ford Territory's for a month to drive. Woohoo! I'm sooo excited!
So now I have to complete some "challenges" (well, it is a competition!)and this week's one is about my first car.

Ahhh my first car, it is such an important memory, right up there with my first love. Sigh....

I got her for my 16th birthday.
 She wasn't very pretty, she was older than me but she was a reliable vehicle.(dad's words of course!) Hmmm not quite what I had in mind but beggars can't be choosers. She was a 1974 Corona. Not exactly white, more white with a hint of green (mint?) and the biggest and widest bonnet I have ever seen to this day!
 I decided to name her Connie (everyone names their cars right?). But what I loved most about her was her smell. 
The smell was freedom!

I had driving lessons with a driving school (things didn't work out with mum and dads teaching skills!) and on my 17th birthday I passed my driving test and Freedom was mine! 

We were inseparable. If you needed milk at 11pm at night, I was off to the shops like a flash. If someone needed a lift somewhere, I was more than happy to be chauffeur. I couldn't get enough of driving! Driving myself to and from school was the ultimate luxury, no more hurrying to someone else's timetable. Bliss!

My social life improved dramatically! There was no party too far away, friends could be seen at anytime. I remember hours spent cruising with friends, tunes blaring, laughing and going through drive thru McDonalds for chocolate sundaes. Also romance with my  boyfriend was at an all time high due to all that extra privacy! 

I loved my little car and she loved me back. (well she never broke down on me!) I was so proud of her and every Saturday you could find me with my bucket and chamois, making her sparkle!   

But then the day came when I outgrew Connie. I wanted something cute. I wanted something cool. It was time to trade UP!
 I bought myself a red Ford Festiva (another girl, I named her Fiona, Fee for short). We had some fab times too but that is another story......

So I would love to hear about your first car, tell me you named it! What is your best memory from your first car? What songs did you love to drive to? 

Simone xx

PS - I have gotten all sentimental and now want to dig out some old pics of Connie! I know I have some somewhere!

image via pinterest


  1. Awww, I want my a (first) car too :(
    And congratulations on that Top 5 in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Competition!!!!
    Good luck!
    Have a nice week!

  2. congrats being in the top 5! my first car is a car i dont want to remember at all i can say was it was a datsun :)

  3. So many similarities here. I also ended up with paid driving lessons, after swerving for a dog, and then me in tears following my Dad's lecture on how many dogs were alive, but people dead due to swerving for them on a road. My Mum had a Corona, how retro!
    My first car was a Ford Laser. White. It had a round bubble type back, which in those days, was pretty nouveau and cool! Ha!
    Congratulations Simone. What a great prize. You might not want to give the car back!

  4. Congratulations Simone! Loved the story of your first car.

    Mine was a beige 1987 Nissan Pintara with beige interior. Her name was Pinny and started life as my grandmother's, then my mum's, then my car. It was a sad day when we moved on from Pinny, nearly 20 years after she was bought, lots of good memories like yours went with her. But we still have the floor mats from Pinny in our latest car, so part of her lives on! gxo

  5. Congratulations on being Top 5. How exciting! As for my first car, my dad insisted he buy it for me which I thought was BRILLIANT, at the time. He also made sure it was so old you couldn't go over 80kph in it. Pretty smart move, when you think about it...

  6. Congrats Simone, how exciting!!
    My first car was a Mini called Mitch. I loved him despite not having heating or brakes that worked!!

  7. Awesome news on the Top 5 Simone: fingers crossed x Love this post theme. I had a pooh brown Torana with a foot break that you released by pulling a lever on the dashboard and a 'three on the tree' column gear change. It was the worst car to start in cold weather while I was at uni in Armidale and used to roll backwards slightly at steep intersections...but damn, I loved that car xx

  8. Big congratulations Simone, very happy to hear you're in the top 5! Well deserved!
    Lovely reminiscing in this post. First cars always stick in our hearts and minds.
    Mine was actually a Ford Festiva Trio, claret colour. I borrowed the money from my brother and paid it off over 4 years! He's a GOOD brother :o)
    I named her too, she was called Jo. Jo and I AND My friends had a blast, cruising everywhere and like yourself, ANY excuse to take her out for a spin ;o)

  9. Wow, congratulations on reaching the Top 5!! Loved reading about Connie and all the fun you had with her. I actually didn't name my car, it was a white Holden Nova hatchback. So exciting getting that first car :) I too took great pride in keeping it clean.

  10. Congratulations on making the top 5!! You have a lovely blog - I'm about to have a nice look around.
    Mel xox

  11. Congratulations!! So exciting you made it to the top 5! Love your blog. x

  12. Well done for reaching the top 5! I loved hearing about your car, my first car was a very old Morris 1100, with old fashioned drum brakes that ruled out any speedy driving (I think my parents were on to something there!) I called it Morrie!
    - Melissa x

  13. I too passed my driving test on my 17th Birthday after 10 paid driving lessons (the one time my mum tried to take me out we didn't make it out of the driveway!).
    My first car was a powder blue Toyota Corolla that was owned by mechanics before it got to me. Which means it got me through Uni with barely a murmur, but when it came time to selling, I found out the neatly re-painted body was covering an awful lot of rust. I think I got $250 for it and I think went for scrap :(

  14. woo hoo! congratulations... my first car was a mitsubishi magna. I failed my first test, but passed the second. I too was the cool chick with the set of keys and the wheels to chauffeur all of my friends around, and new friends! x

  15. Congratulations on being one of the Top 5 Kidspot Bloggers! My first car was an '85 Nissan Sentra, and we called him Sunny because that's the original Japanese name for that car. I used Sunny as my travel buddy in many roadtrips, and I like how it saves on gas. That was our family car before 2000, when we changed to a newer model. Oh, I miss Sunny so much. :)

    Penny Geist

  16. Having your first car is such a great and memorable experience! Time will come when I have to buy a new one, but nothing can ever replace the value of my first car to me. Ever. =)

    Nicole Vickers

  17. I love mint green! How I wish my first car was the same as yours. Mine was a Mini, and my dad thought I was ready for the big road so he let me drive all by myself on the first day I got the car! :) I did go to driving school before I got the car, though. :D

    Cassandra Marcole

  18. Your first car was a vintage one right? The first car and the only car I have up until now is my Mini Cooper. I’ve been driving it for almost 3 years now and even though it’s been 3 years, every time I get on my Mini Cooper, the feeling is still the same, as if it’s always the first time. Isn’t that sweet?!

    -Leisa Dreps


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