Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice for some...

I'm gearing up for a busy week this week.
 I am going it "alone". My husband is away. No,no,not for work.
He is off to Bali for a week with a friend. 
Nothing but Sun, Surf and Relaxing for him this week. 
He manages to squeeze this in annually.
Hmmmm, nice for some ;)

I'm going to miss that extra set of hands and wheels this week! 
So many before/after school activities, so little time.
It's ok, one day I will get my time away. I just can't leave the boys for more than a couple of days yet.
Also when Simon comes home he is in a fabulous mood and can't do enough to help around the house!
If only I could get that to last for more than a few days ;)

Have a fab day!
Simone xx

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA....thats one to keep up your sleeve honey! and I would milk it for all its worth when he gets back ; ) We all need our time out...to feel
    " normal" and ourselves again...especially when we have such a stressful job...and that includes motherhood ...hope things arent too crazy for you whilst hubby is away x

  2. Ah Bali :) And huge congratulations on your Top 5 placing too. Awesome!

  3. Wow you are a much better wife than i am, I would be seething with jealously! Even though i know my time would come I'm not sure that I would be able to contain it! Hope he knows what a lucky boy he is to have such a lovely wife x

  4. You're a gem Simone! A lovely wife and mama to be so generous this week. My hubby does an annual golf trip for 4 nights. I find that enough... a tropical, surfing escape, I'd struggle with. However, he also plays golf every Sat, so I'm considered rather tolerant in my family and friend circles ;o)
    Good luck with the whole bit over the next week. Surely you can cash in, in a big way, once the boys are older! xo

  5. Bali + sun = lucky duck!

    Mr SJW disappears for a long weekend every year to go golfing with five other friends. Every year for 14 years!

    Hope you are in for a smooth week. gxo

  6. Bali is a cool place to be in this summer...

    Guys sometimes had it easy,
    but props to wives who allows them to have their vacay with guy friends...we know they need it...
    which kinda reminds me of Hangover 2, the movie, oh I still have to go see it. Ahh maybe after Kung Fu Panda 2, the kid gets first priority.

  7. oh you are a good wife! I hope the week goes smoothly for you and you have someone to help you out! x


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