Monday, May 9, 2011

I've been nominated!! - Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers.

Squeal!!!! Wow, I can't believe I have been nominated as one of Kidspot's Top 50 Bloggers!

I am so honoured to be nominated with so many other fantastic blogs. I'm up there with some of my favourite daily reads!

Kidspot is setting a few challenges for us to compete for "the title" and I will be posting these in the next few days but today 
I just wanted to ask you to "Please vote for me!"

If you follow on the link and like Honey and Fizz, I'll be your best friend forever!! 

I'm off to a little do tonight to meet some of the other nominees and fellow bloggers and the Kidspot team. I'm both nervous and excited in equal parts!

I thought I'd share with you below my little interview with Kidspot about why I blog and why I started Honey and Fizz.

Thank you so much to my lovely bloggy friends who take the time to read my little blog each day and leave comments and encouraging words. You truly make my day.

Happy Reading :)

Kidspot - Why did you start blogging? 
"Introducing Honey and Fizz…"
I've been blogging for almost a year now and I can't imagine not doing it. It has become one of my favourite parts of my day and a constant source of happiness and inspiration for me. Honey and Fizz is "my" place, somewhere I can disappear, into a world of love and pretty things. It is all very light and airy fairy and that is just the way I like it!
I started blogging as I was looking for something "more". More than just a wife and mum. I was looking for me, the person I used to be and the person I wanted to be. I stumbled across a couple of blogs and was so inspired my them I decided to start my own.I chose the name "Honey and Fizz" as it conjured up to me a combination of the sweetest and the most exciting and happy things in life. Exactly what I wanted to write about :)

Kidspot - Why do you keep blogging?

"Blogging is a lifestyle!"
I blog every day. My posts are not long but a prerequisite is a gorgeous picture. Gorgeous pics are a very important part of "Honey and Fizz"! I love that my blog is a constant in my life. I adore those moments to myself in the morning to post my feelings, inspirations and tidbits of my life. I love feeling a part of the blogging community and I have made some wonderful friends through this little world. I will keep on blogging until my inspiration disappears. I hope this never happens! Instead I think my blog will evolve and change and reflect the changes I am going through and my new loves and obsessions.

Kidspot -What is your inspiration to blog?

"Inspiration Overload!"
My inspiration to blog comes from everywhere. I don't really have a choice. It is something I NEED to do! My inspiration may come from something I read in one of the thousands of magazines that I read, a colour I love, something I bought that I just HAVE to show my bloggy friends, the need to share my rearranging of my furniture, which I know my friends will appreciate :)I follow lots of other blogs and constantly find inspiration in their crafts, clothes and style. It makes me want to make "Honey and Fizz" a prettier and "nicer" place. I love words, quotes and typography and this is a must on my blog. I want people to read "Honey and Fizz" and think, wow this is a nice place, I want to stay a while.

Kidspot - How do you overcome blogger's block?

"Beating the Blogging Block!"
My sure fire way to overcome writers block is to use a beautiful picture! I have sooooo many in my files waiting to be used that I always have something up my sleeve. Sometimes I find the less words the better. There is nothing worse than someone waffling on with nothing much to say, just to fill the space.I also think that is why I blog every day. It is easier to keep the rhythm going but in all honesty, I never really run out of things to blog about. Because above everything else, "Honey and Fizz" is for me. Don't get me wrong, I love all my followers and the interaction with them but this place I have created is like my own diary filled with thoughts and dreams and pretty things I covet and want to own one day.

Kidspot - What's been your best blogging experience to date?

"The Sweetest Thing!"
Out of everything I have gained through blogging this last year the best and most rewarding experience has been my friendships I have made through this blog world. From comments on blogs that led to personal emails, that led to phone calls that led to coffee and drinks and resulted in real life friendships.To be around like-minded people who are positive, happy and interested in beautiful things and exploring new horizons as been so wonderful. It has let me be Simone again and not just mummy. It reminded me of a big, beautiful world out there that doesn't revolve around school pick ups!I have discovered new restaurants, gorgeous homewares, fantastic books to read, new destinations to add to my "one day - travel list", the sweetest and most supportive community. I can truly say it has been nothing but a positive experience and one I would definitely recommend. I have already converted a couple of friends to Blog World!
Hope you have a gorgeous day


  1. wow Simone, congratulations!!! i am off to vote for you; hope you win!!!!
    Laura xx

  2. I voted before I even saw this post! Congratulations and you absolutely deserve to be in the top 50... lots of inspiration on these pages. gxo

  3. Congrats honey...heading over now X

  4. Congratulations Simone, I have been over and voted, good luck xxx

  5. Congrats lovely..thats awesome...just put my vote in x

  6. Congrats Simone, what a lovely interview too x Best of luck I will keep my fingers crossed for you x Lee

  7. Bravo, Simone! I'm so delighted to see you getting the recognition you deserve. This is going to be a fun ride for us! J x

  8. How very very exciting!! Am off to vote right now - YAY!!

  9. Congratulations Simone, a very worthy recipient of such a nomination... and I've only been following a short time, but love your blog... I do! :o)


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